Calisthenics Workout for Women

Rohan Mathew

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Do you want to know what a calisthenic workout is? You are on the right page; here, you will get to know the benefits of this workout for women. 

A calisthenic workout is all about the progression of the movements by feeling the tension in the muscles. It is a quite beneficial gymnastic exercise for achieving a unique physique & body fitness. With these workout movements, your body composition improves, and you can perform various functions your body was built to do.

The hectic & busy daily lives have made it tougher for everyone to keep a workout routine. This is where calisthenics is vital in providing benefits that are hard to ignore. You can build body strength using your own resistance and weight. 

Women can also benefit from a calisthenic workout as it tones muscles by creating balance in the body.   

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Calisthenic Benefits for women

You can use calisthenic movements in your daily workout routine as they are natural and don’t require a lot of equipment. Here are some of the crucial benefits that women can enjoy by doing a calisthenic workout:

  • Anytime & anywhere

As this workout requires minimal equipment, so there’s no excuse left to skip your training. You can do a calisthenic workout anywhere when you are free, even in a park with a play structure. Or you can also make a personal gym in your home without acquiring many places for equipment, and just some resistance bands can beneficial too!

  • Less equipment

A training session done in a short time with sufficient equipment is the beauty of a calisthenic workout. Especially for women who have other home tasks to do as well, it is the best choice for getting in shape. Require some bars at the upper & lower side attached with a wall for your complete body movement.

  • Improved Body-strength

Doing a calisthenic workout will improve your body strength by gaining muscles. It is a still-resistance training exercise in which you can build a muscular body by increasing tension with the help of only a few bars attached to the wall. It increases relative strength, i.e., you get stronger according to your body weight.

  • Epic Body look

This super fun workout makes your body look epic and outstanding. Progressing to the more advanced movements while doing a calisthenic workout, there are endless possibilities. Maybe you start looking like an athletic warrior. Women can get back in shape after their pregnancy as this workout has also shown great results for fat women.

Best for burning fat

Exercises are always advantageous in building muscles & burning fat as well. People usually complain that they regularly do workouts but all in vain. It’s not the workout that is to be blamed; it’s your way of doing it, so you need to fix it. 

Particularly if you are looking for burning body fat, then your aerobic performance should get improved. There are many workouts, like cardio, low-intensity movements, metabolic conditions, and many others.

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The best one with proven results is performing calisthenics with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). You can make basic push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and sprints as they are high-intensity workouts, and you can do any of these in rotation to burn fat. 

Calisthenics for women exercise

Here are some calisthenics women workout for making your body strength-full and muscular with an epic look:

The plank push-ups

Women who want to make their arms curvy or want triceps can perform ten push-ups and then hold a plank for 20 seconds. It also makes the shape of your chest, core, and shoulders as well. In the beginning, if you feel difficulty, then start with wall push-ups and gradually move towards proper push-ups.

The body-weight squats

Women can shape up their hamstrings & glute by boosting their fitness endurance as squat works for thighs. Once you have started with a bench squat, try performing deep squats for optimum upper-body mobility and lower body strength. 

The Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers make each of your body muscles work as they fire up your entire body. This is an epic workout that helps women to acquire a killer physique like a toned stomach. You can perform them anywhere independent of any equipment helping to reduce belly fat and increasing strength.

Here’s how you should do the workout:

A calisthenic workout helps you in gaining muscles and burning fat as well. Besides women, men can also get benefits from this workout. Following are the workout sets you should follow for better results:

  • Push-ups: 6-10 repetitions x 3 sets.
  • Pull-ups: 6-10 repetitions x 3 sets.
  • Body-weight squats: 6-10 repetitions x 3 sets.
  • Dips: 2 sets x 10-12 repetitions.
  • Sprints: 3 sets x 40-50 yards.
  • Hanging knee raises 2 sets x maximum repetitions.
  • Australian rows: 2 sets x 10-12 repetitions.

We hope that the calisthenic workout explained here will help you get an epic shape by burning your body fat.