Call queuing means Effective call management – Here is why

Rohan Mathew

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There is nothing more discouraging for a business to witness a potential customer leave because no one has the time to attend to them! The scenario gets very common for businesses during peak times such as Christmas.

But all of this is not true for the businesses that choose to use call queuing system!

What is a Call queuing system?

A call queuing system is a mechanism to queue the inbound calls in such a way that the call agents can receive the maximum number of calls in their telephone system and at the same time, the callers can access the telephone services in the easiest way without having to wait for unreasonable long times.

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There are different types of calls queuing systems. The company can choose one depending on the requirements of their business and their customers. These are:

  • Round Robin
  • Ring All
  • Linear Hunt
  • Linear Cascade

If you run a business that has a high volume of calls that your agents are not able to entertain, call queuing will help to manage them effectively. It will subsequently increase the customers’ satisfaction and employees’ job satisfaction, both of which are critical for the success and growth of any business.

Call Queuing system – How does it work?

Call queuing system

Do you know how to record your calls in a VoIP phone system? Well, let us tell you that.

When a caller makes a call to the telephone system that uses call queuing features, they will first hear a welcome message and then an IVR menu is presented to them before they are directed to a call queue.

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While a caller is in the call queue, they will hear the waiting music and the announcements about their updated position in the queue. All of this continues until a call agent is finally available to answer their call.

Normally, ‘First-in, First-out’ approach is used at the time of call distribution among the agents. However, a call center makes use of ACD or an Automatic Call Distributor for the same purpose. An ACD is responsible for holding all the queued calls until a call representative gets free to answer them.

Outstanding benefits of using a Call Queuing System

1. Efficient management of calls during peak hours

The call queuing feature aims at offering an excellent level of service to its customers even when the call traffic is at a peak. It ensures that the business does not lose a potential customer by missing an important call. The call queuing system assists a business in answering more calls without having to invest in the internal line capacity or increasing the overheads.

One of the prime advantages of using call queuing software is that it makes it much easier to handle the inbound call activity in a company that becomes really challenging otherwise during peak periods such as Christmas.

2. Improved customer experience

Imagine the frustration of a customer who is trying to reach you but gets a constantly engaged call!

What kind of thoughts do you think will he have for your business while waiting for his call to get connected?

The call queuing feature makes the experience a little different. While the customers are in the queue, they get to hear comfort greetings and personal messages which are followed by calming music as they wait for a representative to answer their call. The calls are then answered automatically once a representative is free to answer them.

3. Assistance for the customer service team

The customer service team of the business gets to enjoy the most number of benefits with the call queuing feature. There is a fair distribution of workload among the team members; they feel good about not having to lose calls, the call queuing feature takes away a lot of stress and pressure from the agents.

And finally, since the entire system gets organized, the team members feel they are much more in control of the situation and the job satisfaction rises.

When both the employees and the customers of a business feel satisfied, there is no looking back for it!

4. Enhances a professional image for the business

The call queuing feature is not just an invaluable tool for the business call agents but it also leaves a long-lasting professional image of the business on the minds of the customers. What they feel after they make a call to the business is an experience that stays with them for a fairly long time.

Any customer would like to have collaborations with a company that knows its game plan pretty well and knows how to move with the changing times.

5. It reduces costs

When compared to the traditional system of calls, calls’ queuing reduces the costs tremendously. The traditional systems are much more expensive because it occupies a PSTN line for the entire duration when a call is put on hold. This can get even more expensive in the case of toll-free DID since the per-minute rates are higher.

With the use of call queuing system, the occupied lines are freed which in turn reduces the total number of minutes that are consumed. At times, it can also mean a reduction in the total number of lines used. All of this brought together brings down the costs considerably.

In addition to this, when a call agent is required to call back a customer; he does it with an outbound call that has a lower per minute rate when compared against the toll-free rate of inbound calls. For companies handling millions of calls in a year, this could mean a lot of savings that can be otherwise utilized for better purposes.

The Final Word

By now it is clear that the importance of a call queuing system is such that its use cannot be overlooked. It has proven benefits when it comes to impacting customer satisfaction. While there can be a few technical glitches here and there even while using call queuing software yet it is all worth the effort and the challenge.