Cannabis seeds – lots of strength in small grains!

Rohan Mathew

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There is a lot of power in the seeds of the cannabis plant. It is not surprising when you consider that a plant should grow from it. However, due to the stigmatization of cannabis, this property is underestimated. We clarify how hemp seeds can even serve health.

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Having cannabis seeds is not illegal

Unlike the other parts of cannabis plants, especially the flowers, possession of the seeds is not prohibited. Even allowing these seeds to reach their intended purpose, i.e. planting them, is also legal, at least in Austria. As long as the cannabis plants do not produce flowers, they can be grown as ornamental plants.If you are growing our own Marijuana plant and you are wondering  why your cannabis leaves are curling up, you can check for solutions online.

Cannabis seeds correct storage 

Like all other seeds, hemp seeds need warmth, light, and moisture to germinate. These conditions should, therefore, be avoided when storing hemp seeds. To avoid contact with light, storage in a dark seed bag or a small box is recommended.

For short-term storage, for consumption example, the rear part of the refrigerator is suitable as a storage location, where the temperature does not change so much when the door is opened. Many growers even store the seeds of the hemp plant in the freezer or only in a drawer at room temperature.

Every method of storage has its advantages and disadvantages. We find storage at constant room temperature (between 17 ° Celsius and 20 ° Celsius) most gentle for the little miracle grains. However, it shouldn’t be much warmer because the germination process begins at a temperature of 24 ° Celsius.

This storage is ideal if the seeds are to be stored for several years. For optimal results, the packaged seeds should be stored in a drying agent such as rice. The rice extracts moisture from the surrounding air and keeps the seeds dry.

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Eating cannabis seeds is healthy!

Hemp seeds are a real superfood, but unfortunately, the nutritional effects of the seeds have been forgotten. But why exactly are the seeds of the cannabis plant so healthy for the human body? What ingredients are in it exactly?

Above all, the high protein content immediately catches the eye: 100 g of hemp seeds contain up to a third of protein.

The structure of the amino acids is crucial. It is similar to that of human amino acids. The amino acids it contains are even essential for us, which means that we need them to survive, but we cannot produce them ourselves.

Another component of cannabis seeds is healthy fats, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6. But that’s not all! The cannabis seeds contain essential antioxidants, which act against cell damage in the body. The seeds also contain a weapon against inflammation: gamma-linoleic acid.

For this reason, they can help against eczema, for example. The seeds of hemp are therefore real health promoters and are in no way inferior to other seeds, such as linseed.

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The following summary shows which healthy ingredients are in cannabis seeds:

Cannabis seeds are suitable for many recipes

If you are now wondering how cannabis seeds can be used in the kitchen, here is the answer. The easiest way to eat cannabis seeds is to eat them straight. Unprocessed, they also go perfectly with ice cream, yoghurts, milkshakes and mueslis.

However, cannabis seeds are much more diverse, so they can also be used as a nut substitute, for example in doughs. Hemp seeds are also an excellent substitute for croutons in a salad.

The seeds can either be heated (ideally in a cast pan without fat) or eaten cold. As soon as the seeds are heated, the essential oils develop, which later ensure a great taste.

The uses of cannabis seeds are diverse, and the list of dishes could be expanded endlessly. A great product from hemp seeds, which can often be used in the kitchen, is the hemp oil. To get the coveted oil, the seeds must be pressed out in an oil press. The cannabis sees can make oil that can then be used in many recipes.

Cannabis seeds are readily available 

Especially on the Internet, marijuana seeds trade is booming.

However, the cannabis seeds can also be purchased in shops, especially in seeds and grow shops in the UK, such as with

Other sources of supply for cannabis seeds can be health food stores and health food stores. The seeds are available either untreated, peeled or even processed. Hemp seed products include oils and vegan protein drinks.


Possession of cannabis seeds is not prohibited. As long as no flowers are formed, even the plants in Austria can be grown as ornamental plants.

The cannabis seeds can not only be planted but also eaten. From a nutritional point of view, the seeds of the cannabis plant are real miracles. In addition to a lot of protein, they also contain valuable fats and antioxidants. The hemp seeds can be eaten both raw and heated.

Proper storage of cannabis seeds is often a matter of opinion and depends on the intended use of the seeds. Cannabis seeds are mainly available on the Internet, but also in health food stores and health food stores.