Causes Of Headache In University Students

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Causes Of Headache In University Students

University brings with itself a range of challenges, unlike what the teenage moves will tell you. It is not always sorority parties and the spring fest. University is a daunting and hard place to be at. 

University challenges

The course work is advanced. Semesters are generally fast-paced, as instructors try to cram the syllabus in just a few weeks’ time. You have to attend lectures, then come to the tutorials, then the assignments. Time runs out, but the workload persists.

Apart from academics, there is also the pressure you put on yourself to live your life before you are flung into adulthood. Then, many students have also had to do part-time jobs to supplement their income. 

Suffice to say, university life is exhausting, jeopardizing both, mental and physical health. Problems like stress headaches and migraines become more common that then have you heading over to to get expert help, as you cannot manage life otherwise. 

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Dealing with the causes of headaches 

It is not just the heightened workload in the college that leads to stress headaches. There are other habits common amongst university students that are contributing to headaches. 


Let’s be honest, most of the students are in the habit of procrastination. Only the very organized ones do their work daily, so before the assignments or exam, they are not in a frenzy. 

The rest of us end up piling things up, till we have to study for longer periods of time, often dangerously close to the deadline. 

Constant studying, especially when you are using screens and your handwritten notes,, then leads to the eyestrain, which thus causes the pounding headache. 

An easy solution to this predicament is frequent breaks! Practice the 20-20-20 rule; after every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away, for 20 seconds.


Caffeine may be the fuel that keeps you up at the 8 a.m. classes and studying for long periods at night, but the endless cups of coffee may also be the reason behind the relentless pain in your head. 

Therefore, try to moderate your caffeine intake. Limit your overall intake. However, that does only entail cutting back on the cuppa joes, but energy drinks and tea also has significant caffeine, so limit their intake as well. 

If you must drink coffee to keep up, supplement it with plenty of water.

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Stress significantly contributes to tension headaches, and college is full of different sources of stress. Thus, while you cannot eliminate stress entirely from your college life, you can manage your response to stress. 

Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are effective against stress. If you suffer from chronic stress and debilitating stress that you are unable to manage, you should consult a mental health specialist like a psychologist or therapist, who can help you cope better using different techniques. 

Insufficient sleep 

It is very hard to manage sleep during college, however, in order to bid adieu to the chronic headaches, it is vital that you prioritize your sleep. It may involve some excellent time management, making a proper schedule, and following it through, but it is crucial that you tackle the things impeding quality shuteye. 

Adults need around 7-9 hours of sleep for their bodies to function properly. Without it, you endanger your mental and physical health,. Stress headaches are just the tip of the iceberg; chronic sleep deprivation leads to problems like obesity, depression, heart disease, and even diabetes. 

Therefore, do yourself a favor and get enough sleep. 

Word of advice

Headaches are not just excruciating, but also, impose on your otherwise busy schedule. Many students then address the problem simply by popping painkillers. This habit not only is bad for your health but also further causes headaches. 

Instead, visit the Best Neurologist in Islamabad for a comprehensive treatment plan for your migraines and stress headaches.