Commercial vs. Residential Cleaners: Are They Really Different?

Rohan Mathew

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Are you wondering whether you’re in need of a commercial or residential cleaner? There are some large differences when it comes to these two different cleaning services, and it’s best to know these differences so that you can find the best option for your needs.

To learn more about the difference between commercial and residential cleaners, keep reading.

Different Environments of Expertise 

The main difference between commercial and residential cleaning is that these services have experience and expertise in cleaning different environments. A residential cleaning service is used for cleaning homes and is often hired by homeowners or real estate agents that need a home cleaned before a showing.

A commercial cleaning service works to clean workspaces and businesses. This could involve cleaning an office space, or an entire office building. Some commercial cleaning services have specialization options for industry-based workspaces.

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Access to Different Tools 

Because these cleaning services specialize in different areas, they often have different tools and cleaning methods. A commercial cleaning service may have larger and more powerful tools to assist them in cleaning larger spaces.

They may have tools such as advanced carpet cleaners, high-speed buffers and scrubbers, as well as tile and grout cleaners. While residential cleaners will have the necessary cleaning supplies, they won’t need access to these high-grade cleaning tools. For this reason, hiring a professional commercial cleaning service for a large workspace is best for getting a deep clean.

Timing & Pricing Differences 

The time in which these cleaning professional work may also differ. Typically, a residential cleaner will clean homes on the weekdays or weekends, often when clients are not home to allow for a deeper clean and fewer distractions for both the homeowner and cleaner.

Commercial cleaners tend to work at night, or after a businesses’ work hours. This allows cleaners to clean the building with flexibility and without interrupting or distracting employees.

The pricing of these services will also differ. Residential cleaning will differ in price based on the amount of cleaning that needs to be done, the size of the home, and the services provided. Commercial cleaners, on the other hand, often offer package deals.

These commercial cleaning packages will likely depend on the amount of work that needs to be done as well as how large the workspace is. Depending on how much space needs to be covered and how intense the cleaning process will be, these commercial cleaning packages can vary from cost-effective to quite expensive.

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Commercial Vs Residential Cleaners: The Differences Explained

Now that you know the key differences between commercial and residential cleaners, you can find the best service option for your needs. If you are looking for a cleaning solution for your home or small office space, a residential cleaner may be best. If you’re in need of a cleaner for a large office or industrial facility, a commercial cleaning company will be the best option for a deep clean.

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