Common Mistakes Most Novice Bitcoins Traders Make and ways to avoid them.

Rohan Mathew



There are many avoidable mistakes that beginners make which you can avoid to trade like a pro. Some of these are listed below to help you in your journey to becoming a brilliant cryptocurrency trader. 

The most common mistakes that beginners make in the Bitcoin trading world: 

  • Investing without weighing in on the risks

When dealing with cryptocurrency trading, even the most well for individuals will always leave room for risk. It can never be a sure shot venture, and therefore the calculation of the percentage of trouble in the trade that you are making should be calculated. Only if you can afford the risk should you go for the trade.

  • Entering a bitcoin trading exchange without a proper plan of action

Another huge mistake that beginners make is entering a bitcoin trading exchange without a solid plan of action. Not knowing the entry and exit points can cause you to lose a lot of money. Therefore, you must have a clear vision and understanding of where to enter the market and the correct time to exit it before losing your entire capital. 

  • Not having a proper strategy.

There are many trial and tested Bitcoin trading strategies; when you are a novice in this field, it is better that you should rely on these before developing the perfect one for yourself. 

  • Putting all your capital in one exchange

You should never put all your capital in one exchange. This is one common mistake made by many beginners. Do not put all of your eggs in one basket because if the exchange performs poorly, you will have a hard time recovering the money. However, this does not mean that you will put your capital in many exchanges. Strike the right balance and never leave your capital sitting on an exchange as you can lose the entire sum if anything happens to that exchange. It is a security risk that you cannot afford to take

  • Gambling away too much 

Never gamble away your money in bitcoin trading by making the costly decision of not taking a logical step in the crypto trading market. The crypto trading world is extremely volatile and not a place to treat like a . The market can push you into ruination as it can change in the blink of an eye. Start with a small amount and see how your strategies are performing. Only then should you go for more significant amounts, that too only after careful consideration. 

  • Allowing emotions to take charge

Never make a bitcoin trading decision based on your emotions. This goes without saying that news flashes should not sway you in the market. It is your job to keep your emotions in check and read the market movements on your own. If you let your rumors affect your decisions and feelings, you will push yourself into a big trap. Bitcoin trading must be done cautiously, and market prices should be closely followed depending upon your strategy. Bitcoin trading is not a game, and you should always remember this fact. 

  • Not keeping Bitcoins in reliable crypto wallets.

You must never store your Bitcoins in any unreliable crypto wallet. There are thousands of Bitcoin wallets available online; however, you must select the most popular and Secure one to store your funds. If you go for an unreliable cheap one for yourself, there can be an unprecedented situation knocking on your door. You can even completely lose all of your Bitcoins due to their lack of security measures. 

  • Not doing a background check on the cryptocurrency trading platform.

You must always do a thorough background check on the trading platform that you are joining. Go for a reliable exchange like as websites like these are secure, and your capital will not fall into unscrupulous hands. 


The Bitcoin trading world has a quite risky atmosphere, and if you do not take its price fluctuations and the high volatility seriously, you will suffer. Do your research correctly regarding the various terminologies as well as strategies required to shine in this field. As thousands of people are entering this trade, the competition is exceptionally high. If you make mistakes, it is going to cost you quite a considerable sum of money. Avoid these, and you can be on the path to success without any hassle!