Common Types Of Retail Boxes That You Must Know About

Rohan Mathew

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Communication with customers is obsolete now. They are outdated precisely because they fail to take into account one of the cores of modern marketing. Packaging at this point of purchase, the consumer does not engage directly with your product. Your product’s packaging design mediates the consumer’s interaction with your product.

It is now a well-known fact that human beings generally give in to visual bias. It means that when comparing two similar products of two different brands, we are highly likely to pick the one with the better presentation and packaging ideas.

Custom retail boxes represent the last leg of your marketing campaign. These boxes not only brandish your product but also reaffirm your overall brand image.

An adequately designed retail box is entirely compatible with the personality of your product. It behaves like a well-versed introduction to your product.

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Different boxes for a different purpose:

Throughout the supply chain, a product undergoes several distinct destinations. Particularly with the rise of e-commerce, the stops made by-products have almost grown four times.

For instance, when the product is in the shipping phase, it is held inside a bulk packaging. A bulk packaging protects the product by providing it with an additional layer of protection. Moreover, it also wraps up several products together. Bulk packaging boxes make transporting a large number of retail packaging boxes for wholesale very easy and compact.

Bulk packaging is essential for shipping. Needs a custom retail packaging box is essential for marketing needs.

An adequately designed retail boxes can give your product a unique competitive edge amongst a sea of similar products.

Reaffirming brand image:

These boxes are a perfect way of asserting your brand image in the minds of the consumers. Additionally, retail boxes packaging also doubles as a supplementary in-house marketing strategy.

Typically, firms looking to assert and cash in their brand identity go with standardized designs. Whereby, the overall packaging design of individual products can vary but only within the framework of a broader brand identity.

Even if a brand has wholly particularized wrappers for each product, they will, at the very least, stamp all their products’ custom retail boxes with their company logo. A logo depicts and maintains the collective identity of a brand across all its products.

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There is no counting the total types of retail boxes:

Countless types of retail boxes are available in the market, each corresponding to a distinct product need. And as business owners demand more from packaging manufacturers, they have responded by innovating further. As a result of this, making an exhaustive list of all types of custom printed retail boxes is next to impossible.

Below are some of the most widely used and unique retail packaging designs I have come across my expansive career.

Cardboard Boxes:

Cardboard retail boxes are perhaps the most common type of custom boxes being sold in the market today. There are several reasons behind their popularity, the primary reason for being their pliability. Manufacturers can shape cardboard into any dimension. Hence take the shape of anything from a gabble box to a fox shaped box.

Cardboard is also very easy to print on and hence offers a wide variety of printable designs. For this reason, if you truly apply your imagination, you can create unique custom printed retail boxes.

Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated boxes are, without any doubt, the safest form of wholesale, retail packaging available on the market. I would recommend these boxes for businesses whose products have to be solely reliant on their custom printed boxes to keep them safe.

Corrugation is two sheets of cardboard sandwiching cardboard flutes between them. Flutes can vary in size according to the needs and budget of the business. And act as a pressure cushion protecting your product from potential harm during transportation.

Corrugation particularly suggested for businesses selling fragile products.

However, there are different types of corrugated boxes, such as:

  • A-flute corrugated
  • B-flute corrugated
  • D-flute corrugated
  • E-flute corrugated
  • F-flute corrugated

All of these types vary differently with product types. For instance, for electronic goods, heavy types of machinery, greeting cards, edibles (pizza & hamburgers, etc.), musical instrumental packaging, etc.

But wait there is more, these corrugated types can also be customized. How? Well, there is some options I want to elaborate on.

If you will want the sturdiest corrugated their ever, you can choose AA- flute corrugated. In this case, it will be the best of the best-corrugated box with the rigidness and top-notch flexibility that will make it strong as a rock box; you just have to rip it apart; otherwise it will not gonna play it slow.

Rigid Boxes:

Rigid boxes are customarily used to house luxury items and are a considerably expensive option. Usually, the packaging industry uses Cardboard-based materials to produce these boxes. These boxes are typically 4 to 5 times thicker than average cardboard.

It is not possible to print on rigid boxes directly, which is why a sheet of paper or lamination wrapped in the box and imprints made on them. Rigid boxes offer an exorbitant path to retail packaging. These retail boxes are generally employed for exquisite items and provide a wide variety of addons.

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