Determining Liability in 18 wheeler accident

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In Houston, we drive along with massive 18 wheelers on a daily basis. That means we are always at risk for an accident or any mishap. One should always drive safely and avoid collisions, but unfortunately, if the collision happens, The victims who suffer this catastrophic accident have legal rights to get compensation for their damages. It would be best if you took all the essential precautions when to pass by the huge 18 wheeler, but you cannot control the negligence of other side truck driver or trucking company. To deal with the truck insurance company is very complicated, and only one person cannot go through all of these complicated issues. You should hire a professional 18 wheeler accident attorney to get the exact compensation as you deserve.

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Determining Liability in 18 wheeler accident

As I already mentioned above, you have some legal rights. You can sue the liable party for your damages. To get the complete compensation you deserve as your legal rights. You must be able to prove that you can hold any party liable for your damages. Trucking companies or truck drivers mostly don’t accept their responsibility for the accident. That makes this matter more complicated. Our law firm at Zehl & Associates has guts and resources to resolve these types of complicated issues and file a claim against all possible liable parties. Parties that may be responsible for the 18 wheeler accident may involve:

Truck Driver

Most of the time, drivers of 18 wheelers are liable for the 18 wheeler accident. They made mistakes, or their unprofessional way of driving can lead to a catastrophic accident. There are many reasons, including fatigue driving, drunk driving, distracted driving, violation of the traffic rules, over speeding, and many more. Due to these reasons, the driver can be the liable party for serious accidents.

Trucking Company

Trucking companies may also be liable party for the accident. Here are some reasons why it is so? The accident may cause due to the negligent trucking companies. The trucking companies do not properly maintain the equipment.They Hire unprofessional drivers. The companies are not able to test the drivers for drugs or alcohol. The companies do not properly supervise the drivers. All of these factors are the reasons for the catastrophic accidents. Due to these reasons, you may file a claim against the trucking company, considering them as liable parties for the severe injuries.

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Shipping companies:

Sometimes Shipping companies as a third party are liable for the accidents. Overloading is a main factor for the 18 wheeler accidents. Or they have settled some deadlines for shipping the things. That results in over speeding. And that causes a serious accident at the end. It is important to consider the third-parties as to the liabilities because sometimes its, not drivers or the trucking companies.

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