Do’s and Don’ts while Booking a Hotel on a Travel App

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Do's and Don’ts while Booking a Hotel on a Travel App
Hotel booking has to be one of the most important steps to complete when planning a dream holiday. Comfort comes first when you’re on vacation; therefore, choosing the best hotel for your stay holds prime importance. If you are planning to stay for a while, considering long-term stay options at hotels might be a good idea. For example, if you plan on going to Los Angeles it is a good idea to look for extended stay hotels in LA, so you can find the lowest prices there. The best part is that most leading hotel names in the world now have an online presence which makes booking a hotel room as easy as child’s play.

The best part is that most leading hotel names in the world now have an online presence which makes booking a hotel room as easy as child’s play. And, since the launch of travel apps, this process has become even more convenient with the facility of hotel booking at the touch of a button. To help you choose wisely, here’s a list of all that you must remember or avoid while booking a hotel on a travel app.

What to Remember During Hotel Booking on a Travel App

  1. Do a thorough price comparison 

You have the advantage of checking out the prices of different hotels in the same star category when booking online or via an app. Avail that advantage to the fullest. Book your room(s) only after running a thorough price check on the hotel that you like. Travel apps allow you to also compare the price offered on the same hotel by different tour planners. So, make sure you only get the best deal on your hotel booking by doing a quick price comparison check.

  1. Study the hotel review carefully 

Another must-do task when booking a hotel on a travel app, it’d help you choose and spend your money wisely. Reviews help give a fair idea of other travelers’ experiences. The same holds true when booking a hotel room as well. Check for honest and unbiased reviews of other guests who have previously stayed in the hotel you’re considering for your stay. The more positive the review, the easier it is to get confidence in booking it.

  1. Check for free breakfast offers

Most leading hotels are renowned for providing complimentary breakfast as part of your stay package. However, never assume so without doing a double-check on whether or not the hotel in question has a free breakfast offer or not. Better to check this at the time of hotel booking than be in for a surprise later (during the time of hotel stay).

  1. Check for airport transfers

Another comfort feature often offered by several hotels in the luxury category, do make sure that the hotel which you book on a travel app provides this facility to guests as well. Free transfers from the airport to the hotel and vice versa are a great attraction to travelers. Moreover, transportation charges between the airport and the hotel can be quite exorbitant, depending on the hotel’s location and distance from the airport. Checking for free airport shuttles therefore helps.

  1. Check for payment options too

Some hotels accept only credit cards and not debit cards. In this case, it’s a good idea to get any confusion in this regard out of the way at the time of the hotel booking itself. This would avoid any unnecessary trouble at the time of check-in.

What to Avoid When Booking Hotels via Travel App

  1.    Don’t book a hotel that doesn’t have pictures available

This might be rare, but you can never rule out the possibility of a hotel having a presence on a travel app without available images of the property. This can often be misleading and should always be checked thoroughly proceeding with hotel booking. In particular, it’s important to check for pictures of the room, without which it’s difficult to get an idea of the expected stay experience. If you aren’t able to find relevant pictures on the travel app, look for pictures of the said hotel elsewhere online.

  1.  Don’t forget to check the cancellation policy

Don’t forget to check the refund/cancellation policy before you hit the ‘book’ button on your travel app. There’s a possibility that you might need to cancel your room booking, sometimes even at the last minute, owing to some emergency. In this case, if the hotel you’ve booked via the app does not offer refunds on cancellations, you’d have to bear a huge loss. 

  1. Don’t book without cross-checking directly with the hotel

Although travel apps offer convenience, the information available on the app may not always be up-to-date. Hence, it may be possible that a certain hotel shows available rooms on the app, whereas in reality, all rooms might be sold out around your travel time. You can avoid undue stress and confusion at the time of check-in by calling up the hotel and confirming with them directly about room availability before booking on the app.    

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