Efficient Online Coaching Tools for Behavioral Change

Rohan Mathew


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As a coach, your plan is most likely to help your client as best you can. But you should know that your overall impact on your client is determined by a successful behavioral change. And behavioral change, on the other hand, could be hard to achieve.

One of the effective ways to satisfy your client is by using coaching software because online coaching is just as relevant as physical coaching if you really want to give your clients satisfactory results.

What are online coaching tools?

Online coaching tools are coaching apps you can use to make a maximum impact on your clients. These tools will improve your work effectiveness, build your practice to grow your career, and save you a lot of time. But you should know that online coaching tools are not a replacement for physical coaching. They are rather supplements to further boost coaching effectiveness and give you the best results.

There are several coaching tools on the internet, and two main tools to be discussed in this article are the practice management tool and the client engagement tool.

Practice Management tool

A practice management tool is a tool that is concerned with the business side of your coaching business. A practice management tool is an online coaching tool that allows you to carry out the following tasks with ease;

  • Preparing invoices and billings
  • Chatting with your clients
  • Scheduling of appointments
  • Preparing notes for your clients
  • Teleconferencing(HIPAA-compliant)

Using a practice management tool is a great way to stay efficient and organized. It enables you to have one central application for multiple tasks and will inevitably make you more productive.

Client Engagement tool

While the practice management tool is relevant for organization and work efficiency, what you need to effectively engage with your clients for best results is the client engagement tool.

A client engagement tool, like Quenza, will help you do the following with ease;

  • Build up creative activities you can send to clients to keep them engaged.
  • Schedule exercises and assignments for your clients
  • Create efficient, digital care paths to motivate and inspire your clients.
  • Send automated reminders and follow up where activities are left incomplete by clients.
  • Carry out client assessment with the use of surveys or feedback forms
  • Gather responses from clients for further discussions during sessions
  • Track client progress by monitoring their engagement and participation in activities
  • Share digital documents and psycho-education with clients.

From the above, you can tell that the client engagement tool focuses on the coaching part of your coaching business.  And it is your best bet for easy, quick, and effective engagement of clients and efficient online coaching.

Both tools will make your coaching easy and stress-free. But you need to be careful when selecting a coaching tool of your choice from either category because you must choose the tools that are best suited for your kind of business.

How to choose the most effective tools for online coaching

Before choosing practice management and client engagement tools for your online coaching business, you should consider the following factors:

  • The purpose of your business and the materials you will be using for your clients.
  • Client’s ability to access your site and use tools on mobile or desktop devices
  • User-friendliness of your selected options
  • The flexibility of your selected option to be fully customized
  • Ease of communication with your clients on the tool

You should get a tool that works on mobile devices to allow your clients to access their tasks even when they are on the move.

A suitable recommendation you should consider when choosing a client engagement tool is Quenza, a highly versatile tool that makes digital engagement easy and quick for you and your clients.