Estimated cost of an engagement ceremony in London

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Engagement and wedding ceremonies are peculiar and life-changing moments of life. Moving in with a person for a lifetime is indeed a beautiful and auspicious event. Back then, engagements were not considered of that importance and were restricted to the proposal ring, whereas, now we celebrate the engagement ceremony not less like a huge celebration. The level of expectations of how the bride and groom announce their engagement is a lot higher.

Recent research has revealed that the average cost of engagement in London has reached 3k pounds. This cost involves everything, a decent photo-shoot, the main celebration, the cost of the engagement ring London, etc.

Everybody wants their acquaintances to know about their engagement ceremony. Not everybody can manage to attend the ceremony right? So people use their social media to inform the world about the same. People upload photos and videos of themselves, the engagement ring, the venue, the menu, etc. These images and clips need to be professionally captured since they represent the entire ceremony. You can’t just use your phone or small camera to do this job. Spending some money on a professional photographer or videographer to get this done is not a bad idea. Not only you’ll be able to upload high-resolution images on your Instagram and Facebook handles, but these images can be kept as a lifetime memory as you can make an album dedicated to your engagement ceremony. The average rate that professional photographers charge is around 125 pounds per hour.

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As mentioned before, engagement ceremonies are not restricted to rings. The ceremony involves guests and food and alcohol. This is a new social norm we are coming up with. And anyway, there is no point in going through all this without the presence of your near and dear ones. Gathering of all the close ones, your family, friends, etc. give the ceremony a different meaning and glorifies it. It is certainly the case that engagement parties have turned into the mini wedding day. The cost – On average if you invite 50 people for the ceremony, the cost goes up to 1520 pounds, only including all the catering equipment and alcohol. This number can, of course, vary according to the number of people and other minor differences.

Now let’s talk about the most important thing in an engagement ceremony, without which the ceremony is not what it is called – The engagement ring.

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The entire focus of the crowd is on the engagement ring just like it is on a newly born baby. The engagement ring needs to be picked out by investing a good amount of time and effort because the engagement ring actually signifies the life-long commitment and engagement of the two people. The ring should be personally chosen and should suit the personality of your partner. The average cost of an engagement ring is 1450 pounds. There is a lot of variety and diversity in engagement ring in terms of colour, metal, engravings, designs, etc. Explore Hatton Garden area if you are in London as it is the jewellery hub and one of the popular travel places in London. Consider checking out hatton garden jewellers london for various options in engagement rings.