Everything You Need To Know About Semi Truck Roadside Assistance

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Everything You Need To Know About Semi Truck Roadside Assistance

Owning a semi truck can be an exciting and lucrative pursuit. However, it comes with its own set of challenges since they require regular maintenance. Luckily, this shouldn’t be an issue because you can reduce the frequency of maintenance by getting quality products. To get quality products for your semi truck trailer, see here

As a truck owner, there may come a time when you’ll need roadside assistance because something unanticipated has happened. Here’s everything you need to know about semi truck roadside assistance.

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Common Reasons Semi Trucks Breakdown

  • Wear And Tear

Since large vehicles such as semi-trucks are always in use and cover long distances in single trips, they are prone to wear and tear. This results in frequent breakdowns.

  • Overheating

This can be due to several reasons. The main reasons are faulty radiator caps or a leaking radiator. Once coolant begins to pool around gaskets, it may affect how they perform, resulting in breakdowns.

  • Leaking Oil

Oil leaks should be fixed as soon as they pop up because they can cause other parts to malfunction. Frequent oil changes should help reduce this risk.

  • Electrical Malfunctions

Semi-trucks are made of different parts, each using different energy sources to function. As a result, electrical malfunctions can occur, leading to vehicle breakdowns.

What Semi Truck Roadside Assistance Entails

Truck drivers are on the road more than other drivers, making roadside service crucial. Even if your semi truck is well-maintained and serviced, it is not exempt from suffering the occasional unexpected breakdown or accident. 

You do not want to be cut off on the side of the road with a truck that won’t start and no help. So, when you are looking for a semi truck roadside service near you, be sure to choose one that offers a majority of the services explained below.

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  • Towing

Be sure to check the terms of the towing program your roadside service offers. Most roadside assistance services offer free towing only for a specific distance, after which you may have to cover the expense by yourself. Semi trucks aren’t cheap to tow, so you may want to consider reliable towing coverage, even if it may be worth an entire roadside assistance package.

  • Battery Jump

Do not underestimate the power of an emergency jump start from a reliable roadside assistance service. If you accidentally leave the lights on, you are bound to drain your battery and require a jump start, sometimes when you are already on the highway.

  • Tires

Most calls for semi truck roadside assistance involve a tire change. If you get a flat, call a semi truck roadside assistance service that will arrive without delay.

  • Locksmith Services

If you misplace your keys or lock them in the truck, a semi truck roadside assistance service can help you retrieve them by opening the truck or replacing them altogether.

  • Fluid Delivery

Vehicles are bound to run low on water, oil, and other fluids occasionally. If this happens to you, a semi truck roadside assistance service can deliver the fluids you need right where you are. This service also includes fuel delivery for some companies, although there may be a limit regarding the number of gallons they can bring.

  • Rentals

Say your semi truck has run into some trouble and needs to be repaired. Some roadside assistance companies provide rentals as a temporary replacement so you can still make your deliveries on time.

Is Roadside Assistance For Your Semi Truck Worth It?

When it comes to the need for roadside assistance, several factors determine its viability.

  • Your Vehicle’s Age

New cars usually require less maintenance and experience few breakdowns compared to older vehicles. For more recent models, car dealerships may even grant owners benefits such as free emergency response service for the first year or two. If your semi-truck is an older model or has a bit of mileage on it, you should have a breakdown service toll-line on stand-by.

  • Distance 

If you travel long distances or are adventurous and love to discover unfamiliar places, having a roadside assistance provider on call would be prudent.

  • Cost

Signing up for roadside assistance services is a great way to get value for your money and enjoy discounts in the process. Consider becoming a member of a regional roadside service if you’re a semi-truck owner – it’ll be helpful for when you’re traveling long-distance and run into mechanical problems.

  • Insurance

Many insurance providers in the US provide their clients with emergency cover, although the benefits may vary.

Every truck driver has suffered a vehicle-related mishap on the road, and nothing saves the day more than a roadside assistance service you can rely on.