What to Ask Before Finalizing a Wedding Band in Toronto?

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In This Article, We Are Going To Discuss What to Ask Before Finalizing a Wedding Band in Toronto?

With the COVID-19 crisis lingering around, many couples wish to plan their wedding in a simple yet elegant way. Making wedding ceremonies go smoothly requires adequate planning and budgeting. In that case, it is best to hire a wedding band in Toronto that won’t just help in emceeing but also perform live on your big day.

Marriages in Toronto are huge, and managing the crowd requires a lot of effort. Keeping the guests engaged and making them enjoy the scene requires proper management. According to Today’s Bride, 75% of Canadian couples prefer a wedding planner and the wedding band to manage their ceremony.

Wedding Band in Toronto

Most of the wedding bands and live performers have an astounding portfolio that will lure you into hiring them. But before you take the plunge, ask your wedding band the following questions.

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Can We See the Record of Your Past Performances?

According to industry experts, couples in Toronto spend $40,000 to $50,000 on their wedding arrangements. Live bands and food-catering consume up to 40% of their budget. So, if you plan to spend wisely, you need to check where you are investing.

It helps if you ask your shortlisted wedding band to share their past clients’ reviews and their performance clippings. This will get you a clear picture of whether to hire them or not.

What Are Your Terms and Conditions?

Around 64% of the couples in Toronto prefer social media platforms to search for the best venue, wedding planners, and live performers. And most of them will be swayed by the presentation of the wedding service providers.

But once you finalize your wedding band, you must ask them what their policies are. There are several aspects like travel cost, dress-code, deposit amount, cancellation policies, etc. which you can’t ignore before signing on the dotted line.

Can You Offer Us Tailored Track-list?

Weddingwire.com reports, 88% of the wedding planning in Toronto is done online. Everything is custom-made, including wedding gown, venue decoration, cake design, etc. then why not music?

Ask your wedding band whether they can play selective songs of your choice on your wedding day. If yes, will they charge extra? How will they set the mood right with the playlist? Get all the information beforehand so that you can alter the playlist to suit your desire.

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Will You Act as the MC (Master of the Ceremony) and Offer Any Other Services?

In Toronto, during the 1990s, the wedding attendants like the maid of honour and best-man made announcements about the dinner, couple dance, and speech givers. Around 2.5% of the budget used to be spent on best-man and bride attendants.

What if you get these additional services at a limited cost from the wedding band itself? So, you must ask the wedding band in Toronto to serve you with more services at no extra cost. It will simplify your wedding arrangements and relieve you of the stress.

Is There Any Backup Plan in Case of an Unforeseen Issue?

Studies have shown various huge family functions often suffer from technical difficulties or unforeseen circumstances. Couples in Toronto make sure that they save a certain percentage of their wedding budget as a backup amount to save from an unexpected event.

Hence, you must ask your wedding band about their back up plans in case if they face technical glitches or instrument malfunctions during an ongoing event. Also, what if one of their band members fall sick on the event day, can they arrange a substitute immediately? You must be clear about these queries on the signing day itself.

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In This Article, We Had Discussed What to Ask Before Finalizing a Wedding Band in Toronto