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If your home has mold signs, you should hire a professional who can help you eliminate this problem. Such professional conduct mold testing to find out the type of mold that may have infested your home.

Mold testing is often required when you can experience the mold’s side effects but cannot see it. For instance, if your home has a musty odor that makes you sneeze every time you are indoors but don’t see any mold on your walls, you should consider getting mold inspection North Carolina services. A home that is infested with mold has particles that are not visible to the naked eye. A mold test can confirm mold in your home. Here are the activities that are involved during mold testing.

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Visual inspection

When you get in touch with mold inspection professionals, the first thing they will do when they visit your home is a visual inspection. This involves going through the entire house, looking for visible mold signs. Since such professionals have experience in handling mold, they probably know the key areas where mold spores tend to hide and pay more attention to these areas. For instance, the expert will check your bathtub, sink, and pipes to see any signs of mold.

They can also ask you some questions that can help them with the mold test. If your home had water damage problems in the past, you should let the experts know as they do the visual inspection. If the mold inspector does not notice any visible signs of mold in your home, they will perform specific tests.


Conducting a mold test enables professionals to locate any hidden mold they could not find during the visual inspection. They use special equipment to assess the location of mold in your home. Once the tests show mold, samples are then collected and taken to a lab for more testing. Further testing can help the experts figure out the specific type of mold that is growing in your home. The tests can also show how toxic the mold is.

Professionals mostly use air sampling to try and assess the amount of mold in different rooms. Once this test is conducted, the professional will then compare the mold level in your home against the air outside. Sometimes, a mold inspector can also do bulk sampling, which involves getting rid of any contaminated materials outside your home to assess the mold concentration.


After sampling is complete in the lab, the mold experts can continue examining the mold to find out the species they are dealing with. It is not advisable to collect the mold by yourself and take it to the lab since the results may not be very accurate, depending on the sampling method you used.

You should let the professionals come and collect the sample and take it to the lab. This can help them determine if the mold in your home has mycotoxins. Once they have done the analysis, the mold experts can recommend the best way to eliminate the problem.

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The mold expert will inform you of how much the mold has spread in your home and give you different options for removing it. They can present a written report that includes all the information you should know regarding the state and nature of mold in your home. For instance, the written report may tell you the level of mold spores in your home and include digital photos of the mold. A written report is quite crucial since it can guide the mold remediation company on how to proceed.

Post remediation testing

Once the remediation company gets rid of mold in your home, the last test is conducted. This is done to assess the levels of moisture in the home. Clearance testing can determine how successful the remediation was. The experts do a visual inspection of the home, focusing on the construction materials.

This final test is important since it can tell you if your home is now mold-free and safe to occupy. Ensure that you choose the right mold inspection company that can accurately assess the mold in your house and provide the right solutions to eliminate it for good.