Top 10 Garments Buying House in Bangladesh

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We Are Going To Discuss Top 10 Garments Buying House in Bangladesh In This Article

Throughout the world, Bangladesh is widely renowned for sustaining its quality when it comes to the garments sector of the country. Moreover, the Readymade Garments Industry is the most significant contributor to the countries earnings from abroad.

Nearly 5000 garments industries are operating in the country and have been producing top quality products of knitting, woven, and sweater items. The role of garment buying house has been paramount in cementing and sustaining the second position in terms of RMG export throughout the world.

List of Garments Buying House in Bangladesh

List of Garments Buying House in Bangladesh

List of Garments Buying House in Bangladesh Given Below With Detail

1. Yarn Bond Sourcing Limited:

Yarn Bond Sourcing Limited is an apparel manufacturer, exporter, and buying agent. This house has a brand name, which is a reflection of the way they work to obtain the maximum customer satisfaction.

Yarn is the primary form of a thread that, when threaded and bonded together, leads to the creation of clothes. They are keen on producing innovative clothes to deliver the best product to meet the demands of the consumers. They also ensure skillful service procedures to deliver excellent service. This Is The Best Garments Buying House in Bangladesh

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2. Anaa Textiles Limited:

Anaa Textiles Limited has established its enterprise as a top-notch and globally recognized or acknowledged wholesale towels manufacturers located in Bangladesh. They are craftily skilled to have developed unparalleled expertise in textile production.

They believe that with their constant variation of new and customized products can fulfill their customer demands. They claim to have used the greatest quality fabrics, which are also available in different designs, colors, and patterns. Their highlight is their delicate texture and long-lasting and fine finesse.

3. Tanz Apparel:

Tanz Apparel is a prominent supplier and exporter from Bangladesh with experience of a decade and a half. The products of Tanz Apparels include garment apparel and home decoration products. The company is deeply committed to ensuring the best quality and services when catering to the customers. This Is One Of The Best Garments Buying House in Bangladesh

4. Hasan Industrial Limited:

Since its inception in 2003, Hasan Industrial Co. has succeeded in making a big name and swooped right in the top garment buying house list everywhere in Bangladesh. It is located in the capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

They are known as one of the leading sellers of listed products. They offer superior quality fabrics to serve their customers most efficiently to be able to fulfill their demands and needs. It Also Comes Under List of Best Garments Buying House in Bangladesh

5. S.A Traders Limited:

S.A Traders Limited is a manpower based exporter and a renowned top and leading recruiting agency in Bangladesh. This house was established in 1981 to hire a creative and skillful workforce who will be able to provide innovative solutions to serve international clients.

They have a massive workforce of more than 92,000 workers who are adequately flexible to work with clients across different parts of the world. By recruiting efficient and quality workers from Bangladesh, they aim to achieve greater productivity to be able to have lower costs for their clients.


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6. Symbol Fashion Limited:

Symbol Fashion Limited is one of the top players and exporter of garments apparel and home decor products in Bangladesh. The company has been operating in the industry for 15 years and has remarkable experience under its belt when it comes to manufacturing, retail, and trading. Symbol Fashion Limited strives to guarantee the finest quality of products and services to their previous clients and customers.

7. SMPH International:

SMPH International is focused on exporting every kind of product made of jute, such as yarn, fabric, gunny bags, jute cutting. Stick powder, roof, etc. have established their vision and goals of the company keenly by focusing on the supreme quality of clothes, low prices, prompt shipment assurance, timely delivery schedule, and many other business-relevant services.

8. Advanced Trade International:

Advanced Trade International started its remarkable journey in 2008. Since its inception, ATI has cemented itself as a leading supplier of Men’s Round Neck T-Shirt, Kids Printed T-Shirts in Bangladesh.

The supplier company is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and among the top sellers of the listed products. Besides, Advanced Trade International has achieved recognition in India and been positioned itself in the Trade India’s list as a verified seller that offers the offers premium quality of Men’s T-Shirts. This Is One Of The Best Garments Buying House in Bangladesh

9. Alliance Bed ware Limited:

Alliance Bed ware Limited is a rapidly growing and emerging Bangladesh-based company with great expertise in the manufacture of household textiles that conforms to creative and aesthetic creations to cater to the local and also the international market of Home textile fashion.

The energy and expertise of the young team commit to their commitment to offering only the finest in comfort and design in the home textile market. The main product category of Alliance Bed ware includes fiber-filled pillows, sofa cushions, comforters, and several types of stitched, embroidered, and printed bedding sets produced with the best quality woven and non-woven fabric and fiber.

Alliance Bed ware possesses a highly dedicated and devoted team of experts in its management level and marketing department. The design section of the company is well integrated and combined with a team of highly skilled and innovative designers.

They are solely devoted to their mission of coming up with exceptionally unique designs in home textile products. The products of the company have cemented a name for itself and have built a tremendous reputation over the years in the local market.

10. Ritz Textiles Company Limited:

Ritz Textiles Limited is a popular and known woven fabric manufacturer situated in Bangladesh. The company started and established in 2001 and has been competing steadily while maintaining its unmatched quality management system, which is considered to be the most prestigious accreditation body in Bangladesh.

They have amazing skills and specialize in twill/canvas/sheeting and rib stop items. They aim to ensure maximum satisfaction by providing benefits like timely delivery and uncompromised quality. They also want to maintain the lowest lead time and a remarkable service by delivering products with unique and competitive pricing.


This article provides a list of fashionable garments buying houses in Bangladesh. Here are the top 10 that we would like to recommend if you need and demand quality professional service with innovative products.

This also demonstrated the importance of buying houses in Bangladesh in maintaining its current position in the world as the RMG export globally. Therefore it is essential to ensure proper operation of these buying houses. Stop looking around, here is just what you need!

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