Gift Guide: Classics for Men 20 And Up

Rohan Mathew

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Shopping for women is easy, with a myriad of options ranging from beauty to skincare and interior decor. But shopping for men can be a struggle, especially if you have no idea what they would love. You likely have a man in your life who says “anything” when you ask him for a list of things that he wants for Christmas. Then you have those whose wishlist lives in polar ends of the price scale.

While men may seem like simple creatures, they have distinct personalities that can help you choose a gift that will not fail to impress. The key is to understand their likes and dislikes and systematically match them with the perfect present. From men’s casual belts for the style-conscious to the latest smartwatch for the tech lover, here is a list of classic gifts for men 20 and up.

The Style Conscious

Men who dress well are a rare sight these days, so when one of your male friends or family happens to have a penchant for fashion, then you are in for a fun shop. It can be risky to purchase button-up shirts or trousers as sizing varies per brand, and some people cannot do without the perfect fit. A solution: gift cards. You just have to know where to buy eftpos gift cards. But if you are not one to send a gift card and call it a day, consider accessories.

You can never go wrong with handmade men’s casual belts, finely-crafted to last for years and versatile enough to wear daily. You can even get your dad a pair to smarten up his corporate attire. Leather is a great choice for both casual and formal occasions, and a belt is adjustable so it should fit almost everyone.

The Tech Lover

Shopping for someone who knows — and loves — their tech can be a challenge because they either already have what they want, or have a wishlist of expensive products. You want to consider two things: choosing a replenishable staple or going all-out with an expensive buy. For instance, men will always appreciate an extra portable battery, memory card, or wireless charger. Therefore, you can purchase these knowing that the man in your life already has them but can benefit from an extra one.

If you have the budget for it, consider some of the latest tech obsessions: a pair of Bluetooth headphones, an Apple watch, or a new camera lens. Additionally, if you are shopping for a gamer friend, then a Steam or Nintendo gift card is safer than purchasing games yourself.

The “Okay with Anything” Man

The most frustrating response when asking anyone what they want is “anything.” There are a million possibilities to shop for, but here is a breakdown of some general items that cannot go wrong — and if it does, then at least you tried.

A fragrance option is always fun, but because these are so personal, it can be a risk. But if you know the scent notes that the male you are shopping for likes, this gift should be a hit! You can also opt for a scented candle instead. A woody, musky, or calming scent usually does well. Other options include men’s casual belts, socks, and alcohol — you can never go wrong with timeless and well-loved gifts!

Shopping for men may seem challenging at first, but you will find out that they are not all that different from your female friends. Check out their social media accounts or ask close relatives to get some inspiration to start your search for the perfect present.