GogoPDF Functions: How to Easily Use Them

Rohan Mathew

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GogoPDF will happily assist you if you have problems, especially when it comes to PDF. With its compatibility with other platforms, you will not have difficulty using it. It is also web-based, so accessing it is fast and easy. They also offer so many tools that are efficient with your PDFs. With that, here are some of its excellent tools for your PDF files:


Presentation is becoming an essential part of our daily business; at work, school, and even our private lives, we use it. Making a presentation that effectively explains all the things that you want to convey needs proper software. Out of all other programs, PowerPoint is the right and best one you can find in the market. You can do a lot more with your presentation and add photos, charts,  graphics, and even sound effects for a more realistic representation.

However, PowerPoint slides have a huge file size, making it the only downside of the PowerPoint software. If you decide to share your file with a colleague through email, it will take you a long period to upload it to the server. But if you choose to convert your PPT file into a PDF format, you will never experience any drawback. GogoPDF’s efficient converter will help you achieve the goal.

It will convert all your Powerpoint slides into a PDF file in the best way possible. With its reliable conversion process, it will preserve the original appearance of all of your slides without damaging any details. Using the converter is fast and will only take a few minutes of your time, which is why it is the best converter tool you can see online. Below are the straightforward steps to perform the PPT to PDF converter of GogoPDF:

  1. Get the Powerpoint slides from your folder or account. Or drag and drop the file in the conversion bar.
  2. The system will begin scanning and converting your PPT slides.
  3. Wait for a few minutes while the converter finishes altering your PPT file to PDF.
  4. Your newly converted PDF file is done and ready for download and sharing.

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Merge PDF

If you own tons of files all scattered on your computer, it may potentially damage it. With too many unused documents, your operating system will most probably slow down, causing the computer to lag. It’s quite alarming, right? But you don’t have to worry because GogoPDF’s merger tool got you covered.

If you have multiple PDF files stored on your device, use the merge tool of GogoPDF to help you combine two or more of your files and turn them into a single PDF document. In Addition to that, you can also decide the arrangement of all the pages once finalized.

The merge PDF tool will merge your files in a reliable and fast manner. And GogoPDF ensures users that the process gives the highest quality result. All of the files’ original visual appearances will not change, retaining the layout and all the words. With only a few clicks, you will have in your hands the newly merged files. Follow the steps below on how to integrate using the merge PDF tool:

  1. Select the chosen PDF files from your device and upload them to the server.
  2. GogoPDF’s merge tool will start the merging of all your PDF files.
  3. Wait while the system is finalizing the merge process. It will only take a few minutes.
  4. A “Download” button will appear, indicating that the process is done and ready for sharing and downloading.

Protect PDF

One of the significant problems for individuals with a tablet, phone, computer, or other technological device is unauthorized access. This breach’s great effect is that the victims affected are most likely to lose essential data, reports, confidential emails, and texts. Also, since some people usually save their money or bank information, and other essential documents on their device, many fraudsters can access everything in a snap. Somebody can even steal your identity from you.

One thing you can do so it will not happen to you is to put strong password protection on your device, files, and other safe things. When it comes to valuable PDF files with confidential and vital contents, it would be best if you had it to be password-protected, with that unauthorized personnel will not easily access your files because only you have the power to access them.

And so, the protect PDF tool will gladly help you with that. It is the safest and most reliable online tool that can help you put a password in your file. It will prevent people from using your files.

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In the vast world of technology, it is best to depend on a site or online software that will surely help you. Make sure to use GogoPDF for your PDFs for a fast and secure process. Start using the site now, and you will love every feature of it.