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Wooden eyewear frames have been known to stand out in a crowd of metallic or plastic mass-produced frames. Not just because they are unique, but because they tend to add a touch of uniqueness to a person’s style, hence bringing out a special personality of the individual putting them on. The handcrafted eyewear frame is made to pass over a hundred processes that involve careful wood selection, crafting, cutting, and shaping and could take at least 3 days before it’s completed. Each frame is uniquely designed in a pattern that fits in with the beauty that nature placed on each selected piece of wood.  Some examples of wooden handmade frames would be the classical Elwood City glass frames, which personifies the fictional character Arthur Timothy Read. 

Why Should You Buy Wooden Eyeglass Frames?

Handmade wooden eyewear frames keep showing the latest trend in style, especially for those that have been worn by top celebrities like Jennifer Hewitt, Jamie Lee Curtis, and a host of others. This is why buying wooden eyewear frames is a worthwhile investment that not only keeps you standing out but also lends your support to our planet’s ecosystem by patronizing environmentally friendly products that are biodegradable.  This means you’ll be taking care of the earth as well as looking good. Another reason is that most handcrafted eyewear does not require heavy machines to produce them and tends to have less of an adverse impact on the environment.  

Qualities Of Wooden Eyeglass Frames

Durability: A lot of us live very active lives, and plastic glasses are easily prone to damage or breakage, especially if it’s during a busy week. However, wood frames tend to be more robust and sustainable by withstanding the significant wear and tear. They are perfect for people who are always on the move. 

Natural and Light: Wood is a naturally occurring fiber that is non-toxic; it poses no threat to those who suffer from skin allergies coming from metals and plastics. Another thing about wooden handmade eyewear is that they are lightweight and do not feel heavy on the face. 

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Fashionable and Versatile: Wooden frames are naturally beautiful: they have a way of adding flair to whatever it is you’re putting on, especially if it’s handcrafted.  Like all wooden eyewear, all frames can be designed and shaped into any kind of eyeglass style. From aviators down to wayframe glasses, all of them can be designed with wood. Another thing that makes wooden eyeglasses special is the fact that the pattern on each type of selected wood is never the same: you may have aviators but knowing that the wood grain and texture would be one-of-a-kind would let you stand out from the crowd.

Types Of Wooden Eyeglass Frames 

Zebra Wood Frames: These have their origins from West Africa and are characterized by dark brown to black stripes that are somewhat similar to the African zebra. This wood is highly durable, resistant, and often considered luxurious due to the beauty of the different stripes that are on it. Sunglasses made of Zebra Wood look exceptionally unique just as the stripes and cones in different patterns have different shades of color.

Walnut Wood frames: The walnut wood frames originate from walnut trees found in parts of Europe and South America. They also vary in color and could range from pale brown to dark chocolate brown. Sometimes, they could come with little streaks of brown. This wood type is also known for its durability and strength. This wood is an excellent material for adding beautiful rich, brown-colored tones. Once it is made into eyewear, the walnut wood can be made into eye-catching eyeglass whose frames are both durable and resistant.

Bamboo Frames: Located in Asia, Bamboo is said to be one of the fastest-growing plants found on our planet. Bamboo takes between three to five years for it to mature and it’s often considered as one of the most sustainable natural resources on the planet. Made from natural vegetation, the Bamboo is known for a unique pale color that’s uniform in texture. Once it is processed, the bamboo makes for excellent eyewear. It is extremely light and when putting it on you’ll barely feel anything even after wearing them for extended periods.

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How Do You Choose the Right Frames?

Selecting the right frame would depend on comfort, durability, and fit.  These factors are what most consider when ordering online or offline. One thing to note is that men always tend to have larger faces as compared to women. So as a man, you should choose a wider frame than what a woman will choose. 

In essence, handcrafted wooden eyeglass frames are such a beauty to behold.