Helpful Tips for Completing Your First Paint with Diamonds Art Piece 

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Paint with diamonds is a fun activity for beginners and often proves to be their introduction to art. Paint with diamonds kits are available with traditional watercolor paints, but it has extended to Paint by Numbers with the latest trends. These kits are similar to the usual ones, but instead of paint, you apply small diamond-shaped resins onto an adhesive paper in a similar fashion.  

It is a calming process and requires hours of work, so people give up on completing their masterpieces more often than not. We have compiled a list of tips to get you through the process and come out of it with a beautiful painting to show off.

Clear Your Work Space

The area where you are working should be clear of clutter so you can concentrate on the task. If the diamonds are lying around all over the table, it will be harder for you to find the right color, and you will feel frustrated. Keep your paint with diamonds kit organized, too, so you cannot be distracted by the mess inside it.

Put Your Canvas on a Stand

When you secure your canvas on to a stand, it will not only make you feel like a real artist, but it will be easier to apply the diamond resins on to the page. The canvas will stay in place so you can also get the corners and edges without accidentally dropping the diamond in the wrong section.

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Work Your Way Down

If you are afraid of accidentally knocking the diamonds off the page before the adhesive has set, then a great tip will start from the top. Instead of working on the painting section by section, work from the top down. It might take longer to complete the painting this way, but in the end, you will have a perfect piece of diamond art with no missing diamonds.

Use the Darker Colors First

It is hard to see the picture come together if you are doing the paint with diamonds randomly. If you start working on the background first, it will be easier to see what you are making. The darker colors tend to be in the background, so start with them first. Once you have completed and move on to the lighter shades, you will notice how they come together to create shadows and add perspective to the art.

Enjoy Each Moment

To make the most out of the experience, you must live in the moment. Empty your mind and only think about the next diamond you need to apply to the canvas. The way to truly relax is to immerse yourself in the art. Feel the texture of the diamonds and concentrate on their colors. You can focus on the task and, at the same time, feel at peace, and if you are having trouble clearing your head, then put on some ambient music to help with the process. Once you have finished the painting, you will feel refreshed, accomplished, and motivated to take on any challenge.

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Stop Being Such a Perfectionist

The objective of paint with diamonds is to relax your mind and body, so stressing over the little mistakes can be counterproductive. It does not matter if you left a small section of the canvas empty or the diamonds look crooked on one page. You have to enjoy the process and not criticize yourself for not being perfect. Enjoy the masterpiece with its imperfections because there are no rules in art.