How Can Unhappy Employees Affect Your Business?

Rohan Mathew

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Happiness and positivity are the two essential elements that play an important role in the promotion and enhancement of any business. For any organisation to succeed, it is imperative to keep its internal atmosphere engaging and encouraging. Any business is only said to have attained true success when not just only its customers are happy and satisfied but its employees too.

An organisation is represented and well known by its image in the market, which is only built by the collective efforts and hard work of its employees. So, it becomes vital to keep the employees happy by conducting some Employee recognition awards as they are the actual reason behind the success of any business. 

The job satisfaction of each and every employee should be considered as the topmost priority of the management that should be taken into consideration as unhappy employees can create various problematic situations for the business and can hamper its growth. 

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Generally, the employees feel unhappy in an organisation when things go against them, and the management fails to resolve their issues. Some of the problems can be as follows:

  1. Poor working conditions: The employees might not feel comfortable with the given working conditions and environment of the office. This may lead to distraction and disengagement of the employees from work. 
  2. Lack of motivation: The employees may often feel demotivated when their work is not appreciated, or they are not provided with the proper incentives. The management should make sure that they motivate their employees on a timely basis to increase productivity in work.
  3. No growth prospects: The organisation that does not empowers growth opportunities for their employees are often not much liked by the staff and creates dissatisfaction among them. The management should have proper planning for the growth aspects of its employees.
  4. Not Being Heard: This is one of the common reasons for the unhappiness of an employee. As every employee wants his voice, opinion and ideas to be heard and if liked, should be appreciated. The management should provide its employees with the freedom to express their views and opinions.
  5. Work-Life Balance: Many employees feel irritated when they are not able to maintain proper work-life balance due to excessive work pressure created on them. To ensure that employees remain productive in their work, the management should provide flexibility to the employees to maintain their work-life balance

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Employees are always considered as core members that participate to not only work but promote the business in the long term. The satisfaction of employees is still essential for the business to survive as the growth of the company is directly proportional to how happy and satisfied the employees are. Many of the organisations have now realised the importance of how essential it is to keep the employees happy for the growth and survival of the business in the long term. Many new management techniques have been introduced to motivate and boost the morale of the employees working in the organisation. The researches have shown that due to these significant changes, it has led to reduced absenteeism and turnover of the employees from the organisation.