How Digital Classes is a Smarter Way to Educate and Grow

Rohan Mathew

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In the world where smart tablets are replacing textbooks, Digital classes are taking shape at a rapid rate. In a matter of 5 to 6 years, smart classes have become a “new normal” in the education system today. The significance of online learning could not be seen earlier. However, with the unprecedented growth of corona pandemic, the hidden potential of the smart classes has surfaced as a positive outcome. Many students who would have lost touch with studies otherwise could continue it without any hassle. Indeed, sometimes the challenging times bring about the hidden opportunities which could have gone unnoticed, otherwise. 

This idea doesn’t just apply to education at home. It can very well be implemented in the school spaces as well. All thanks to smart classes for schools. Looking back 5 to 6 years from now, this concept was at a nascent stage. However, within this span, a lot of developments have been made in digital spaces at schools. 

As per the KPMG report on online education, the Indian market is expected to grow around from 1.6 million users in 2016 to 9.6 million users and USD 1.96 billion by the year 2021 (at a CAGR of 44%)

So the data itself is voicing the unravelled treasure of this technology. 

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Modes of Online Education:-

There are various options through which students can learn digitally on lead student app. There are many free tools and resources available on the internet apart from the paid online courses. Students are developed through a structured curriculum, just like any other offline class. Considering the free online classes, there are so many apps and video platforms which provide a good amount of study material and guidance at no cost. There are so many tutors/trainers who have opened their YouTube channels to educate a large number of students with literally zero fees. It has truly resulted in an increased rate of learning to help many students all across the country. 

India is adobe to up to 630 million internet users. This number is only expected to grow in the coming times. So, it opens a great potential for online learning. Students placed in a remote area will no more be deprived of education due to lack of connectivity. Government of India also understands the gravity of this situation. Therefore, the coming times are calling for an urgent need of education turning digital. It is going to be a revolution in itself. It will enable learning easy and accessible to many. So indeed, online classes are the future of tomorrow.  

Features of Digital/Smart classes in India:-

  1. Accessibility- Students studying in urban areas may not realize that, but the ground reality is that many students are deprived of education just because they are placed in remote areas or poor transport places. This has limited its growth fundamentally. However, smart classes are a mighty sword to combat this problem. Students can access notes, video lectures with the help of smartphones, laptops and tablets. There may be internet issues in some regions. So in such cases, downloadable PDFs and E-Books can be a way to keep up the learning process. With little support in such areas, education can flow to every nook-corner of the country.
  2. Flexibility- Indeed, digital classes are a flexible mode of learning. The recorded lectures can be viewed end number of times. This practice also reduces the chances of losing essential points. Students are able to clear their doubts with great ease by just watching yet another video lecture. Also, live interaction with the teachers creates an excellent opportunity to network with leaders and students all across the country and world at large. 
  3. Up-skilling becomes easy- This is the age of skills. Learning can be done from anywhere. Online classes are making it possible. The students from one side of the globe can get mentored with tutors/trainers on one side of the globe. 
  4. Feasibility- Now, regular programs are usually hefty on pockets. With the virtue of online classes, students can study the same course with relatively lesser fee. Sometimes, they can also learn it for free. 
  5. Peer Learning/Networking Opportunities- Now, with the help of online platforms, students can learn new concepts with peers. Unlike traditional classrooms, online classes offer an excellent opportunity for students to interact and network. This is because a hundred plus students can come together and interact on such platforms. Therefore, students get an opportunity to interact and clarify their doubts with multiple people. 

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Cons of Digital Classe

These classes offer excellent opportunities to the students to interact and learn. However, even the greatest of the things has its repercussions related to it. So here are some disadvantages of digital classes which one must keep in mind: –

  1. Network connectivity can become an issue sometimes. 
  2. Technical glitch may occur in between the classes. 

All in all, there may be technical issues. However, it can be resolved by using PDFs, Presentations and E-Books. These resources can be accessed online once downloaded. Therefore, there are alternatives too. However, on a long learn, technical intricacies will have to be taken care of. 

Conclusion- So indeed, the new mode of learning will come will bring fresh opportunities to learning. Education a fundamental right and with this way, many will be taken care of. 

“Technology is a phenomenal tool which can completely change the shape of this planet. But it has to be harnessed in a positive direction to see positive results.”