How Much Does It Cost to Get Testosterone?

Rohan Mathew

Testosterone Replacement Treatment (TRT) greatly affects your body structure and mood. One famous testosterone center is called Novagenix. It serves the male population in South Florida with innovative TRT programs. But, unfortunately, the steep decline in natural testosterone levels could make you lose lean muscle mass and rapidly decrease your libido. It’s a worst-case scenario for men who want to keep on being competitive even after the age of 40. 

Novagenix offers a unique therapy for all these problems. It has managed to provide a testosterone analog, used with HCG to promote the beneficial actions of the hormone in the male body. Furthermore, this therapy is more affordable than you think. Costs vary according to your health insurance plans and the amount of TRT therapy you need to take. 

What Is Included in the TRT Costs?

Costs can be different depending on the type of symptoms and side effects. It would be necessary for men who decide to commit to TRT therapy to know more about its long-term costs. Every patient should know and understand that TRT therapy includes clinical tests and drug costs that they can easily afford.

First, blood tests and lab trials represent a high initial cost for TRT therapy. Since they are recurrent, you may need to spend at least $1,500 to have a full blood test to check the natural hormone levels in your blood. Luckily, uninsured patients have some discounted plans to adjust the initial payment to their needs.

CT scans and other sonography exams are also necessary to check the functions of the testicles and any abnormal situation within your body. Again, any health insurance plan typically covers these tests. Self-testosterone tests and evaluations by physicians could also increase the costs of TRT therapy. 

What Is The Average Doctor’s Visits Price?

When on TRT therapy, you need to see your doctor at least once per month. Many centers charge anywhere between $150 and $250 per month. Others offer yearly subscription plans to give patients who can prepay these services a discount. It’s important to trust your doctor through all the steps of this therapy. TRT can be tricky if left unattended; therefore, your doctor should check your health indicators at least once per month to verify that everything runs smoothly.

Medications Cost Is the Major Expense

Even though doctor visits and blood tests are costly, nothing compares to the price of TRT medications. Men who suffer from low testosterone levels -dangerous for their life- get a TRT medication prescription. Depending on their health insurance plan, copayments for these drugs may be an option. 

These drugs cost between $30 and $70 per month for all people who have no health coverage and need testosterone injections. Testosterone creams and sublingual troches usually have the same price as shots. Many patients do need to get additional HCG shots when receiving testosterone. That would add at least $40 to $80 to their monthly bill. HCG shots are necessary to maintain your testicles in good condition and reduce the TRT therapy side effects.

What Are The Long-Term Costs of TRT Therapy?

Every patient receiving a complete TRT therapy, including doctor visits, scans, and medications, should expect to pay anywhere between $1,500 and $2,500 for the first treatment year. However, the costs significantly fall the following year (or every other year after the initial) since retaining higher testosterone levels is easier when you have had your bolus treatment. 

Insurance companies have also recognized the need for TRT therapy for specific segments of their insured male population. For example, many younger men with testosterone deficiency problems are eligible for TRT therapy, and their insurance companies usually pay for doctor visits, lab tests, and medications.

 Even if there is no health insurance plan to cover part of the costs, many clinics offer huge discount TRT programs. In addition, having low testosterone can severely impact a man’s mood and energy levels. For this reason, investing in your health is always the right thing to do. Moreover, being sexually active as a man and having improved health may be necessary to keep your marriage working. 

Performing TRT therapy restores all your body functions and also helps you lose weight. In addition, it preserves your good heart function and helps you gain more lean muscle mass. When thinking about the cost of TRT, you should also calculate the benefits it offers to your general health. Being the man you used to be, even when you are older, is something worth paying.