How Much Does Water Heater Repair Cost?

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It’s easy to take simple things like hot water for granted, but the $28 billion water heater industry proves its importance.

When it comes to any home necessity, the most common debate is: to repair, or to replace? The truth is there’s one thing more important than saving money. It’s spending money wisely.

It won’t feel great spending $100 on a repair if you’ll need to do it again in a month. Other decisions, like repairing a bad water valve, can devalue the whole water heater.

If you’re wondering about water heater repair costs, you’re in the right place. Here’s how to make smart repair and replacement decisions.

Water Heater Repair Cost

There are many things that impact water heater repair costs, which explains their wide range of repair prices. Hot water heater repair costs can be anywhere from $100-$1000 depending on its symptoms. Here’s what to consider.

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  1. Longevity

The basic rule of thumb for water heaters is the older it is, the more expensive it’ll be to repair. Most water heaters last 8-12 years. If yours is older than that, you might be looking at steeper costs than that of a newer model.

  1. Symptoms

If you’re having one or two symptoms, you’re likely looking at a repair. Common water symptoms include:

  • Rusted or tainted water
  • Water heater leaks
  • Cooled water temperature
  • Banging or clanking noises

There are various parts to a water heater. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, the following are repairable.

  • Minor leaks
  • Pilot light’s out
  • Thermocouple valve issues

Locating where the leak is will determine whether to repair or replace the water heater. If it’s coming from the temperature or pressure relief valves or the bottom of the tank, that may call for a replacement. Otherwise, see that the valves are tight and the temperature’s right to fix minor issues.

If you’re wondering, how much does it cost to replace a gas valve on a water heater, it can be anywhere from $20-200 depending on your DIY skills.

If the pilot light’s out, you can reset it. If it still won’t light, the thermocouple may be the culprit. The thermocouple’s responsible for the gas and flame control. If adjusting the thermocouple still doesn’t reset the pilot light, it’s likely a systemic issue.

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  1. Water Heater Replacement

If you’ve troubleshot everything to your expertise, a water heater replacement may be in your future. It’s good to have a water heater repair service on hand to explore your options.

Once you’ve assessed your symptoms, they can make suggestions. There are tankless heaters, electric heaters, hybrid heaters, and others to consider.

Depending on your preferences, water heater replacement costs can vary from $1000-$3000 including installation and labor.

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Don’t Skimp on Hot Water

Hot water changes one’s experience in a home. All things comfort, cozy, homey, and warm depend on hot water. If you’re struggling with your water heater, know that water heater repair costs are variable and you have options.

Depending on the issue, there are plenty of ways to save—starting with learning more! The more you learn, the more you can spend money well.

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