How much is Samsung Fold in Singapore

Rohan Mathew


When the Samsung Galaxy Fold was released in 2019, getting your hands on this phone was not easy. In most countries where the phone made its debut, it was almost sold out immediately. You may wonder what all this hype was about, but it was for a good reason. It was a new invention of the first foldable phone ever from this brand. So a lot of Singaporeans had a mixed reaction about holding a foldable smartphone for the first time.

The phone transforms sizes from a 4.6-inch mobile phone to 7.3-inch tablets and reverse. The phone technology is also top-notch as it can run three apps at a go. So, the question is, how much is Samsung Fold in Singapore? Of course, a phone with such inventions doesn’t come cheap at its release date; the phone cost S$1299. Let’s take a look at this phone specification in detail.

Specification of Samsung Fold

  • Display

The phone has two displays; its front has a small 4.6inh display intended for one-hand use. When the fold is opened, it exposes a 7.3-inch display screen. This folding mechanism was rated by the manufacturers for over 200 0000 uses. The Samsung fold screen is coated on the top using a multi-layer laminate made of lieu glass. The phone also, when unfolded, contains a notch in its right corner. Its power button is Fingerprint sensitive.

  • Storage

The phone has 12GB Ram and 512 GB internal storage. It does not support the microSD option for storage expansion.

  • Power

The Samsung Fold is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and can be used in all regions. This is unlike other mobile phones from the same brand that are divided between Exynos and Snapdragon.

  • Connectivity/Battery

The Galaxy fold supports 5G connectivity. The device batteries are spilled into two of its foldable halves. In total, the two batteries have a capacity of 4235 mAh. Its 4G version battery capacity is 4380 mAh. The battery is not also supercharged like many other devices from this brand.

  • Camera

The Samsung fold has a total of Six Cameras. This is to enable its users to be able to take a photo on each of the sides. Three Cameras are on the phone rear with the following lenses, 12-megapixel telephotos, 12 megapixels, and a 16 megapixel. On the front of the phone, they include a 10 MP camera facing the show on the phone cover, a 10MP front-facing camera paired with an RGB depth sensor.

The video recording resolution of this phone is also perfect; it has the option of 4k UHD video recording, 720p HD video recording, and 1080p FHD video recording.

  • Software

The Samsung Fold makes use of Android 9.0″ pie” and the One UI software. It has a multi-window mode which supports three apps on its screen at a go. Applications opened on the phone’s smaller screen can be enlarged into the tablet-oriented layout when a user unfolds the phone.

Samsung fold Price in Singapore

So, how much is Samsung Fold in Singapore? To get your hands on the Samsung fold, you should at least have SGD1299. The phone weighs 236g and is available in two colors Cosmos black and Space Silver. The price might differ, though, among phone dealers.

Samsung fold Price in Singapore

The Samsung Fold release was received with many reactions as it is a phone that features new technology. Having all these features, it is no shock at all. If you wonder if the cost of this handset is worth it, that will depend on what you are looking at when purchasing the phone. Generally, it is an excellent phone to go for, but with better upgrades on their second version of the same phone, it is better to compare the two then make a prudent choice.