How Safe is BlockFi and How Does BlockFi Make Money?

Rohan Mathew

How Safe is BlockFi and How Does BlockFi Make Money

If you also want to use BlockFi then you might be curious and sceptical at first to get started with it. You should go to crypto banks to understand this as there are many services like and BlockFi that are being provided to you. It is the most used case in crypto assets to fuel the crypto wave. However, it becomes extremely important to know about them thoroughly before you use any platform. First of all, in the traditional sense, you may recommend choosing a bank so that you can protect yourself from shady banks. If we talk about the world of “crypto banking”, it has to follow some similar principles. I am going to reveal everything to you about BlockFi so that you can learn more about it. In addition, you may also need to know if Bitcoin Is Traceable

If you are also a user of the platform, the first thing you need to do is to do detailed research on it so that you can keep yourself updated with it. 

How does blockFi work?

Here we are talking about BlockFi which is a BlockFi fintech company, which allows users to lend money, borrow, buy and sell digital currency and also fully enables you to use your credit card. helps to create. The main objective of blockFi is a lending product that allows users to earn interest on balances with crypto. The money is then given to other crypto businesses that pay for interest on cash via BlockFi – funnelling small amounts back to the user. Lenders can easily earn up to 8.5 percent APY on any of their digital currency or crypto holdings. Through BlockFi users can borrow money like Crypto. The amount one can borrow depends only on the amount to be borrowed that the borrower can keep in his/her BlockFi account. After that the user can also start trading crypto on the platform, here you have been provided with some currencies which include bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, tether and USD coins all of these are stablecoins.

BlockFi is continuing its work with a credit card product in collaboration with Visa. This card allows users to earn rewards by cashback for making payments using the balance they hold in their crypto account.

How Does BlockFi Make Money?

BlockFi can make money with withdrawal fees, interest fees, crypto mining, sponsorship fees, and investment in other trusts with premiums collected. Let’s take a closer look at each of these:

  • Mining

An announcement was made by blockFi in 2021 that the mining of Bitcoin could be started by partnering with Blockstream. BlockFi has included miners in some of the facilities for Blockstream mining in the US. The company will make several attempts by expanding services and diversifying revenue streams after depositing bitcoin on the balance sheet to reach a power capacity of up to 300MW. Miners may face additional constraints such as mining rig optimization and energy procurement, along with higher capital investment. With Blockstream you are provided with the underlying infrastructure and experienced mining operators. With this, the risk of all the partners involved is minimized. Revenue and mining are generated from the bitcoins collected by BlockFi. The mining bitcoins are paid as a reward to Blockstream based on an agreement between two different companies.

  • Interest Fees

Part of the revenue that BlockFi generates helps you bring in interest charges that complete the process of paying through interest accounts with the loans issued. When you borrow money, the institution uses its crypto holdings as collateral and the user takes out a USD loan. Just as BlockFi has monetized accounts, lending crypto to institutions loans on BlockFi is then credited with an interest in the form of fees and rates that are much higher than what the account holder will pay.