How to become more ACTIVE!

Rohan Mathew

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In today’s day and age we are reminded to stay active every day. But what does that mean? And why? And how do you actually become more active?

Being more active basically means doing more physical activity than you would do on a normal day. This doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself on a run or workout every single day, just increase your daily activities or step count.

Why is it so important for us to stay active? Some of the benefits of staying active are better mental health, better physical health, reduced fat mass, increased mobility and much more! Staying active is especially important for the older generation in order to stave off muscle and bone wastage and live a long, healthy and active life.

So how can you become more active in your day to day life? My first port of call is assessing the number of steps you’re taking per day. It doesn’t really matter what your starting point for your number of daily steps is, whether it’s 2k/day or 10k/day, the main thing to consider is increasing this number a little over the next few weeks. A great thing to do is to set a step goal on your fitness tracker and aim to hit that each day, once you’re hitting your numbers regularly you can start to increase your daily step goal.

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There’s some really great and easy ways to increase your activity levels without even realising, some of them are obvious, others not so much. Here’s just a few:

  • Ditch the car- this is probably the most obvious. If you’re not driving, you’re walking or cycling.. or at the very least walking to the bus stop (maybe save this one for post pandemic) living in Brighton and Hove, this one is probably most relevant for most people
  • If you can’t ditch the car completely, park further away- If you can’t walk or you’re not up for public transport or pedal power then simply park your car a bit further away than you normally would. This means you get a few extra steps in on the way to and from your car.
  • Take the stairs- Choosing the stairs over the lift or escalator means you’re not standing still, you’re climbing! At the moment this won’t be applicable but once things start going back to normal you should always choose the stairs!
  • Walk the dog- If it’s not already, make the daily dog walks your duty. Or if you already do take the dogs out, try to allocate enough time to get a good number of steps in each time.
  • Take water with you- Drinking water is a great way to keep your energy levels up, if you’re dehydrated whilst on a walk chances are you’ll get tired and want to turn back home prematurely.
  • Eat the right amount of food- Again if you’re not eating the right amount of good quality food, you’ll probably not have the energy to walk for as long as if you were properly fuelled to begin with.
  • Listen to music- If you get bored of walking or doing other physical activities you can listen to music to help take your mind off it. This way you’ll stay more motivated whilst being active and have a greater chance of getting more done.
  • Start a routine- There’s nothing like structure to get yourself into a routine. Schedule in your active times and try to stick to it in order to start building up your habits and routines.

Remember to take it one step at a time, don’t try to do too much too quickly- this can sometimes make people feel overwhelmed! Just do what you can and try to increase your daily activity in any way you feel comfortable.

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If you need any more help or advice on staying fit, healthy and active you can book for a free session at our PT Studio in Hove to discuss your daily activities with one of our personal trainers. If you don’t want to wait until we’re reopened, we’re offering free zoom consultations to answer any questions you may have. Just send us an email or visit our website to make an enquiry at

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