How To Choose Microphone Accessories You Truly Need

Rohan Mathew

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As you probably know, a microphone is a composite device designed to transmit sound from the speaker to the audience. And as for any device, there are many different accessories for it. For example, holders and racks, wind protection, various filters, and so on. Learn more at microphonetopgear. Each of these accessories performs a specific function. And all together they make the sound more clean and high-quality.

Choosing accessories for microphones, it is very important not to run into a fake. Although even original accessories are not so expensive, still, any money is a pity to throw away just like that. Let’s consider what accessories you truly need and how to choose them.

Studio microphone stand

So, the first thing you’ll need most is a studio microphone stand. It is simply pointless to talk about the quality of music recording without a microphone stand. Without it, a good record is simply impossible.

A microphone stand isn’t comfort or convenience at all. You need it to prevent the microphone from vibrating, as well as contact with any objects, including the artist’s hands. This way, the microphone will receive as much useful signal as possible without unnecessary extraneous sounds.

When it comes to purchasing a microphone stand, there is nothing complicated about it. For home recording studio you should take a microphone stand with a crane. This is the most common and at the same time universal option.

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As regards quality, it can be defined by three parameters:

  • the accessory has to be heavy;
  • sustainable;
  • with reliable construction and fastening.

Microphone spider

If you own a condenser microphone, you will need a special suspension-shock or as it is called “Spider for microphone”. Usually, it comes with several microphones in the package. If, however, it does not come with your microphone, you will need to purchase it. Unfortunately, for a sensitive condenser microphone, even a single solo microphone stand will not be enough to completely isolate it from vibration.

Of course, in some cases, you can do without the stand. However, if it is possible to buy a microphone accessory, it is strongly recommended to do this.

Wind protector foam for microphone

Now let’s look at what the windshield for the microphone is for. If you are the owner of a dynamic microphone, the spider mount is not so necessary. But another accessory, which is very often neglected by beginners, is recommended to buy it for sure.

This will be a regular foam windshield on the microphone. It costs a penny. But it will serve a good purpose, protecting the equipment from the inevitable airstrikes when pronouncing the consonants “b” and “p”.

Especially useful if you are using a microphone outdoors. By putting it on the microphone, you will protect yourself from the influence of air gusts on the quality of recorded sound. It is not recommended to use it at home or in the Studio.

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Pop filter for microphone

If you are the owner of a condenser microphone, then you will have to take a pop filter instead of foam wind protection. Although, it is better to take this accessory for a dynamic microphone as well. However, wind protection will be advantageous in terms of price.

This accessory will come in handy if you record podcasts and vocals. The thin material is stretched between the sound source and the microphone, it stops too strong gusts of air that occur, for example, during the pronouncing of explosive vowels.

Case for microphone

It is very important if you want to take care of the safety of your microphone, especially a capacitive one. Thanks to it, you can safely transport the accessory, as well as store it in optimal conditions.