How To Find The Right Carpeting For Your Business?

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How to Find the Right Carpeting for Your Business

The type of commercial carpeting that you choose for your business can make or break the atmosphere. If you are looking to increase customer satisfaction, it is best to be sure that they will feel comfortable in your store. Carpeting also plays a major role in insulating sound, which is critical if you have meetings in one part of the building and want them to stay private. This article will help guide you through choosing the right flooring for any commercial establishment!

Difference Between Residential and Commercial Carpeting

The main difference between the carpeting in your home and that of commercial space is its durability. Residential carpets are easily cleaned with ordinary household cleaners, whereas heavy-duty commercial floor mats require special care. There are three basic types of carpets for business use: Berber, Saxony, and Frieze.

Berber Carpeting

For most general office spaces where people will spend at least eight hours per day working on their feet or wheeled chairs, the Berber carpet works well because it does not get too dirty nor wear down easily. It has loops that make it more comfortable underfoot than other floors while still giving you an upscale look without making noise when walking on. Since there is no pile height variation (unlike Saxony or Frieze), Berber is usually less expensive than other commercial carpets.

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Saxony Carpeting

Although it looks very luxurious, Saxony carpet has a major drawback in that it absorbs liquids easily and can take time to dry after cleaning up spills. If you have any water features around the business (such as an indoor fountain), this type of floor mat may not be ideal because moisture will seep into the fibers quickly, which could lead to mold growth over time. While most carpets are made using polyester yarns, Saxony uses nylon for greater durability—however, they also tend to wear down more quickly than other options. This type of carpet might work best in retail stores where many people walk in and out all day.

Frieze Carpeting

This commercial carpet is the most durable with a long lifespan, but it can be very expensive to install in your business space. It consists of tightly packed secondary fibers, making it more difficult for dirt particles to get into the material—making Frieze carpets perfect for offices where people are walking around often on their shoes or rolling chairs throughout the workday! However, this also makes them harder to clean if something does spill onto them since they tend not to absorb liquids as easily as other types of floor mats. If you have any employees who need access to wet/dry vacuums during office hours (for cleaning up spills), then friezes would probably be best kept in a different building area.

Why Should You Invest in New Carpeting for your Business?

If your office is looking run down, dirty, and dated, it might be time to consider investing in some new carpets! One way to bring life back into an old space would be by installing high-quality floor mats which add color while also providing comfort underfoot. Additionally, if there are stains or damage on any existing floors (such as burn marks), these can usually be covered up with special tape—but it’s best not to drag heavy objects across them since they may pull at the seams underneath. Before buying anything, make sure that whatever company you choose has extensive experience working with commercial spaces!

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How Do I Find the Right Kind of Carpet for My Office?

There are a few questions that you should ask yourself before investing in new carpets:

Is the carpeting going to be installed on top of another type of floor (such as tile, wood, etc.), or is it replacing an existing carpet entirely? If using overtop your current flooring, make sure there will be enough padding between them, so any moisture does not leak through and damage the underlying surface. Also, find out if they offer warranties and who covers installation costs! How often do people walk around during business hours? For example, employees might need access to wet/dry vacuums, which means friezes would probably not work well since they easily absorb liquids. Will this area get heavy foot traffic? Berber carpet usually works well because it is not easily damaged and does not get too dirty/worn down quickly. Do you want to keep costs low or invest in a high-quality option? Friezes tend to be the most durable but also come with the highest price tag!

With so many different types of carpeting to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one for your business. But there are a few things you should keep in mind when selecting a style or type that will work best for your needs and budget. We hope this post served as a helpful guide on how to select carpets for any commercial space!