How to order contacts without a prescription?

Rohan Mathew

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Contact lenses are curvy thin plastic bodies. More than glasses, people prefer to wear contacts. To have a clear vision, the contacts are placed on the surface of the eyes. They also have fewer obstructions as compared to the glasses. Contacts help in fighting the problems that are caused by the refractive errors by covering the cornea. Many people wear contacts without a prescription. They can never even clash with your outfits. There are many more benefits of contacts than the glasses like contacts cannot bother you while you are playing or exercising, they won’t fog up in the cold weather and are not affected by weather conditions. 

Contacts can either be worn as a cosmetic or anesthetic. In this article, we will discuss how you can order contacts without prescription online by following the right steps. 

Right ways to order contacts without prescriptions: 

If you are willing to purchase contacts without a prescription, it is always recommended to have regularly updated prescriptions from a doctor. For getting lenses, without any prescriptions, you will have to give an online eye exam. Many different online sites offer you the option to buy contacts without a prescription. But you should never make such a choice. You should always think about the consequences before taking a step forward. If you want your eyes to be healthy, make sure to take the necessary safety steps. If you wish to change the supplier, you should visit an optician for getting the contact based on the correct prescriptions. 

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Is it important to get your eyes checked? 

We can not rely on the local sellers completely. Being a responsible person, we must take care of our body and especially eyes. We should get our eyes tested by a doctor and then make a decision accordingly. Contacts are never available in cosmetic shops, pharmacies, or beauty parlors. Thus Make sure to buy them from a reliable supplier with prescriptions to avoid causing any type of harm because of unregulated lenses. 

Things to consider while buying contacts online: 

There are many features you should look for while buying contacts without prescriptions: 

  • Before buying contacts, make sure to compare the prices of contacts from different sites and choose the best price that suits your budget. 
  • It is important to go for those contacts that are of a reputed brand and sold by a reliable retailer. 
  • The contacts should fulfill your personal needs. If you want to wear it long term, go for such contacts but, if you want to wear it just for once, then you could go for disposable contacts. 
  • There should be various options to order from like lenses that are used daily and the ones that are used for the long term. 

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Guidelines for contact prescribers: 

Some points should never be avoided: 

  • A piece of information related to expiry should be given to the prescriber.
  • If there has been any inaccuracy in the prescription, it should be corrected. 
  • A prescription copy should be handed over to the patient. He might need it in the future. 

Guidelines for contact lens sellers: 

The below-mentioned guidelines should never be avoided: 

  • The sellers are supposed to keep in contact with the optician as there might be a need for verification before placing the order. 
  • The lenses should have all the specifications that have been mentioned in the prescriptions. 


It can be very easy to buy contacts without a prescription online. While purchasing them, always keep in mind the needs, price, and insurance factors. With time, you should also get your eyes regularly checked.