How to Pick the Correct Type of Excavator for Your Projects

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Earthmovers are machines used in many industries such as construction and mining. Examples of earthmovers are bulldozers, excavators and trenchers. Excavators are a popular choice because these machines can dig and move large piles of dirt & rubble fast.

If you have a project that requires large piles of sand or debris to be moved then you will benefit from an excavator. Find a company near you that offers an affordable and high-quality excavator for sale and you’ll make an excellent investment in your business!

To help you find the perfect excavator for your projects, we’ll be giving you information about all the different parts that make up these incredible machines. We’ll also discuss the different types of excavators you can buy. If you’d like to find out more about excavators before your purchase then continue reading.

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What are the Features of an Excavator?

There are four main features of an excavator:

  • Rotating cab: The rotating cab is the part of the excavator where the driver sits and operates the machine. To move dirt without driving back and forth, the excavator’s cab rotates to face either the digging point or the dumping area.
  • Movable tracks: An excavator has tracks instead of wheels so that it can move over steep and rough terrain. The machine is able to drive over rocks, debris and sand without tipping over or getting stuck.
  • Arm: The arm of the excavator is powered by hydraulics and it can bend to lower or lift mounds of dirt.
  • Bucket: The bucket is attached to the arm. The amount of dirt your excavator bucket can carry will depend on the size of the machine. For smaller jobs look for a mini excavator for sale. Larger construction or mining projects will require a bigger machine.

Every part of the excavator is inspected regularly before use to ensure it’s working properly.

6 Types of Excavators and What They’re Used For

There are six types of excavators that you can pick from and each one has a different purpose. So if you have a specific project that requires a different type of earthmover, perhaps one of the following six excavators will be ideal for you.

1. Backhoe Excavator

A backhoe excavator is a versatile machine that’s used in a wide variety of projects such as shovelling snow. This machine has a bucket in the front that pushes and moves debris out of the way. Additionally, it has an arm and bucket at the back of the cab for digging.

2. A Crawler Excavator

A crawler excavator is a compact machine that provides more power which makes them suitable for heavy-duty projects. Use the crawler machine if you’re working on steep inclines and rough terrain. Crawler excavators operate on powerful hydraulics systems that allow them to lift heavy materials.

3. Suction Excavator

A suction excavator is similar to a large vacuum cleaner. This type of excavator sucks up dirt, water and debris from holes. So, if there’s a mining hole filled with water due to heavy rain, use your suction excavator to suck up all the water.

4. A Dragline Excavator

A dragline excavator is similar to a crane because it has a long arm with a line and a hook attached to it. This excavator is a heavy-duty machine that’s used for surface mining and civil engineering. The dragline machine is larger and comes in many different designs.

5. Power shovel Excavator

The power shovel excavator is designed specifically for digging. These machines are small and compact with an arm & a shovel. A power shovel’s bucket doesn’t have a large capacity but it can dig deep holes so it’s typically used for mining.

6. Long Reach Excavator

The difference between a standard and long reach excavator is the length of the arm. The long reach machine has a lengthier arm that’s used to demolish buildings or high bridges.

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How to Pick the Correct Excavator

There are aspects you must consider first before you purchase an excavator. Let’s take a look at them in this next section.


Don’t buy a cheaper machine simply because it will save you money. A poor quality excavator will cost you money in the long run. So always opt for a high quality machine that has a durable and sturdy construction.


As mentioned before, if you have bigger mines or construction sites you’ll need a larger machine. On the other hand, if you need a machine for small projects consider purchasing a mini excavator.

What’s its Digging Power?

Smaller excavators can dig 10ft holes whereas bigger industrial machines can create 14ft craters. So which one do you need?

Final Thoughts

Are you considering buying an excavator for your earthmoving projects? To find a high quality machine you must find a reputable dealer. You can find an excavator for sale Melbourne contractors trust. Simply use our tips and ask the experts in your industry to assist if you’re unsure about whether you’ve found the right investment.