How To Remove Broken Key From Lock | 3 Easy Steps

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How To Remove Broken Key From Lock 3 Easy Steps

Are You Looking For How to Remove Broken Key from Lock?

You may break the key inside the lock when you are in a hurry. It is disgusting. But to get rid of this problem, you do not need to call a locksmith always. If you know how to remove a broken key from the lock, you can do it definitely by your own self.

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How to Remove Broken Key from Lock?

How to Remove Broken Key from Lock

The removing process of a broken key depends on the type of lock and complexity. Use what you have got in your hand to remove the broken key. You may use either professional tools or household things.

Needed Instruments

  1. Lubricant: Silicone or graphite lubricant, WD-40, oil, etc.
  2. Hardware: Needle nose pliers, key extractor tools.
  3. Alternative Tools: tweezers, a screw, a sharp pointed knife, a fishing hook, a hacksaw blade, etc.


How to Remove Broken Key from Lock Procedure Below

To remove the broken key from the lock, firstly, you need to notice how much of the key is stuck inside the lock. The removing process depends on the type of lock you use.

  1. Lubricating the Key-hole: Lubricating lock will ease the extract process. Spray a silicone lubricant inside the keyhole. You can use a straw in addition to the spray nozzle to do it easily. You can use graphite powder too. If you cannot manage any of them, you can use WD-40. Oil is the last choice.
  2. Align the Key Cylinder: You will be able to remove the broken fragment of the key only if the cylinder is either in the lock position or in the unlock position. Place the tip of a needle nose plier or a scissor inside the lock and turn it to the lock or unlock position, which is nearer. You can try to unlock the lock by spinning the cylinder to unlock position.
  3. Select Your Tool: There are different kinds of key extractor tools. You will find key extractor tools set, including barbed wire and different kinds of hooks of different thicknesses at any hardware store or online. They may cost two to three dollars. If you are using them for the first time, use the key hook. It will work for most of the cases.

If you do not have professional tools, you can use tweezers, a screw, a hacksaw blade, etc.

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Removing Key Using Professional Tools

How to Remove Broken Key from Lock With Tools Below:

  1. Barbed Wire: Choose the right thickness of the barbed wire, which will be able to slide inside the keyhole along the groove on the side of the key. Now slide the wire down until the barbs bite onto the groove of the key well. Be careful that you are not pushing the key too far inside the hole. Then pull the wire back. The wire will pull the key outside. If you do not, you might need to repeat the procedure. Now grab the key using pliers and pull it backward.
  2. Hook: In the case of using a hook, you have to place the hook in the slot between the key and keyhole as far as you can. Then hook the key onto the jag and tilt it on an angle. Now push the hook up against the key. Let’s pull the key outside.

How to Remove Broken Key from Lock Watch Video

Removing Key Using Alternative Tools

  1. Tweezer: Try to grab the broken part inside the hole using the tip of the tweezer. Make sure you are not pulling it inside. Now hold the part and pull it outside. You have to keep your hand steady while doing this.
  2. Screw: Firstly, find out a screw as thin as possible. Hold onto the thick flat part of the screw using a plier. Put the tip of the screw between the key and the keyhole. Now turn the screw a few times so that it can bite onto the key well. Use the threads of the screw to bite onto the key. Then pull it back straightly.
  3. Hacksaw Blades: Get a very narrow and thin hacksaw blade. Cut one side of the blade so that the barbs are on the tip. If your blade is too wide, then cut it along the length using a tin snip and make it thinner. Now insert it the key and keyhole. Then push it up against the key. Let the blade has a grab on the key. Now pull the hacksaw blade backward.

Last Tips

Here are some tips about removing a broken key from the lock.

  1. If all whole jagged part of the key is inside the lock, anyone will be able to open the lock by turning it using a plier. So it would be best if you had someone trusted to guard the lock before going to get the tools. Else you can leave it alone.
  2. Be cautious while removing the key. Please do not push it further inside. That will make the process more complicated. Do not through away the broken parts. If it is the only key you have, you should bring it to a locksmith. Many locksmiths can make a new key from the broken one.

We Had Discussed How to Remove Broken Key from Lock Successfully Hope You Got The Idea About How to Remove Broken Key from Lock.