How to Resolve Quickbooks Error 9999 (Banking Error)?

Rohan Mathew

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Do you have problems with your bank server & QB’s server? Having difficulties updating your account information? These are basic issues that many QuickBooks users encounter. They fall under the category of QuickBooks error code 9999. 

Throughout this post, you will discover everything you need to know about QB error 9999. To fix this banking error, just go through our content carefully and implement the solutions. 

What is QuickBooks Error Code 9999?

As a result of a communication breakdown between QuickBooks servers and banks, you have Quickbooks error 9999. This kind of online error will appear if a user refreshes, updates, or changes the bank server. In your software, this error will appear as the following error message: We can’t refresh your record. Whenever this happens, you cannot update your bank information, manage transactions, etc.  

Causes for Quickbooks Online Error 9999 

  • Misconfigured firewall settings.
  • Ransomware, malware, or other types of attack.
  • An Intuit and bank server connection failure occurred.
  • Connectivity problems. 
  • Third-party applications interfering with the antivirus. 
  • Registries were damaged & corrupted.
  • Files and folders were lost in QuickBooks.  
  • Cache files and cookies are present. 
  • Incorrectly installed and downloaded a corrupted version of QuickBooks. 

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Early Detection Triggers for QuickBooks Online Error 9999

Here’s how to quickly know about the presence of QuickBooks error 9999

  • When you open QuickBooks Online, you see the error message 9999.
  • QuickBooks has operational problems. 
  • Crashing is a common occurrence in Windows. 
  • Input devices and commands become slower. 
  • There is an error with the QuickBooks online system that prevents users from connecting to the bank servers. 
  • The browser frequently freezes. 

QuickBooks Online Error 9999: Quick Repairing Methods

Whenever we receive an error message such as QuickBooks error 9999, we should attempt to troubleshoot it immediately. Here are some solutions. Moreover, these solutions will also help you to fix other QBs errors like Quickbooks runtime error, 6000 series errors, etc.

 Solution 1: Linking QuickBooks Online

  • Firstly, delete the existing QuickBooks Online accounts.
  • Click Edit.
  • Go to the Edit Account Info option.
  • Next, choose Disconnect this Account on Save.
  • Select Save & hit Close.
  • Next, return to the dashboard of the QBs.
  • Re-link your QBO account by switching back.
  • Lastly, check the latest updates for the QBO account.

Solution 2: Backup and Repair Registry Files

  • In the blank space of the Run menu, type up Command.
  • Press Enter.
  • Hold down the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys at the same time.
  • Hit Yes on the next window.
  • Next, type Regedit and press Enter.
  • Back up Quickbooks error 9999 by selecting the key. 
  • Choose Export from the File menu.
  • Create a directory where you can save the QuickBooks key.
  • Choose the backup file and the branch you wish to restore. 
  • Use the .reg extension to save your file. 
  • Finally, create a registry entry backup for QBs.

Solution 3: QBs Technical Support Team

  • Go to the Report tab first.
  • Next, choose Report the Issue.
  • Then, access the banking transaction page and enter your information, such as your email address, username, address, and phone number.
  • Select Submit.
  • You will hear back from the technical assistance team of QBs shortly. 

Solution 4: Unwanted Sites Remove

  • First, open Internet Explorer and select Favorites.
  • The next step is to click the History tab. 
  • Afterward, choose Filter and list all unwanted sites’ histories.
  • Mark all the unwanted sites you see. 
  • Right-click the mouse, then choose Delete.  

Solution 5: Clear your Browser’s History & Cookies

  • First, open Internet Explorer and select Favorites.
  • You will then find the History tab. 
  • Go to the menu, then select History.
  • Make a note of all the sites you want to be removed. 
  • Right-click the mouse, then choose Delete.  

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Solution 6: Delete your Browser’s Cache Files

We can resolve QuickBooks Error 9999 by deleting and cleaning the cache files of different browsers as described below.


  • Select the Develop tab from the top.
  • Now, select Empty Caches.


  • You can access Firefox’s privacy settings by typing: preferences#privacy in the address bar.
  • The next step is to choose the option of Clear Recent History.
  • Click on Clear Now after marking the cache boxes.

Internet Explorer

  • First, hold the Ctrl key and Shift key while pressing the Delete key. 
  • Mark the temporary network files and other files related to the website.
  • Finally, click Delete.

Google Chrome

  • Type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar of Google Chrome, and then hit Enter.
  • Click the Clear Data button after marking the cached images file box.

Solution 6: Configuration of the Firewall

  • Go to the Tools option in your default browser.
  • Continue to the Exceptions tab.
  • The following exceptions need to be added now.
  • QBW32.exe
  • Qbupdate.exe

Solution 7: Update The Bank

  • To begin, you need to launch QuickBooks Online.
  • Click on Banking.
  • Select the Update option.
  • The process should be repeated three times.

Final Words

For QuickBooks users looking to deal with QuickBooks Error 9999, this article is a reference guide. Following the solutions above, you will be able to eliminate this banking error from the system. In addition, our content is also dedicated to presenting the information about this QuickBooks error & thereby, helping you to understand the entire process.