How to sell your own FIFA coins?

Rohan Mathew

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Do you have extra FIFA coins?

What do you think about exchanging these coins for real money?

But there are so many essentials to review your options before selling FUT 20 coins.

FIFA 20 is the buzzword developed by EA sports, and it is the most popular football simulation game on various gaming devices like PC, Xbox One, PS4, etc. This giant version of the football simulation series with lots of different gaming modes and provide wholesome entertainment to gamers.

FUT is the most popular and the most significant part of FIFA 20. It is the part that helps players to create their ultimate team by combining different players from different leagues and countries. Initially, the gamer starts with a team of random bronze players and earn FUT coins that allow gamers to buy the best players. Experienced players have their command in gaming, and that is why they can earn tons of FIFA coins. These so many coins are required by the players to create their Ultimate FIFA team. Playing in Ultimate Team mode is the most significant challenge.

It is pretty gratifying to spend these FUT coins for:

  • Buying the best players in the auction
  • Creating new jerseys
  • Getting better goalie
  • Developing better communication between different players.

But if a player has extra coins and they want to get rid of it! Selling coins is also an option. You can support the gaming community where lots of players remain continuous search of buying cheap coins, and you will also make some earning as well.

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Sell your FIFA 20 Coins:

Selling FIFA 20 coins is not a daunting task, and you can sell your FUT 20 coins quickly to coin provider websites who sell and purchase FIFA coins. You just have to be careful while selling your surplus coins to any platform and choose trusted ways for selling.

BuyFifaCoin.Net is a reliable and trustworthy website to sell FIFA coins. FUT 20 is a pay-to-win mode, and the coins sold by gamers are kinds of blessings for frustrated players who want to get good goalkeepers.

Sell FUT 20 coins for real money:

Selling FUT 20 coins via a trustworthy company like BuyFifaCoins.Net is a quick and secure process. The way to sell your FUT 20 Coins for real money involves the following steps:

  1. You need to Log in and register yourself as a seller on a website platform
  2. Use their system to put up your demand/offer
  3. You will be notified by the website when they find an interested buyer.
  4. Discuss all the details with the buyer and decide how to transfer the FIFA coins to them.
  5. Then, it will be the time to proceed to deliver FUT 20 coins within time.
  6. Finally, wait for the payment from the buyer.

Other ways to sell FUT 20 coins:

Yes, you have other ways also to sell your FUT 20 coins. Comfort Trade and API are two other options to sell your FIFA coins.


This method is perfect for the mass suppliers of FUT coins to sell a large number of coins. This method is mainly for professionals who use their own Console/ web-Bot or a public Bot with API. You need to set a purchase interval and secure your API for using this method of selling.

Comfort Trade:

In this type of coin selling, you need to Log in to the buyer’s account and hand over FIFA coins. This method involves additional verification, and that is why it is only advised to experienced suppliers. The seller gets a direct order form the customer with the required amount of FUT 20 coins and complete account details. After successfully transferring FIFA coins to the buyer’s account, the seller gets the amount credited to their balance.

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The estimated profit margin for selling FUT 20 coins:

There is no such hard and fast rule of making a profit for selling FUT coins, but it mainly depends on the buyer. Buyers bid on the FUT 20 coins, and as a seller, you can sell the coins to a higher bidder. The value of coins also depends upon the starting, peak times, and end of FIFA year.

The value of FUT coins rises with the starting and reaches a maximum when there is the peak time of FIFA competitions. With the end of FIFA year, the value of FUT coins also decreases because the new version worth of the previous one gets down.


buyfifacoin is one of the most trustworthy and reliable coin transfer platforms, where you can safely handover your FUT coins to the buyers and earn some money. This site has high standards to maintain its services and boasts a large community of buyers and sellers. With easy and straightforward terms to follow and instant transfer of payments, you can convert your FUT 20 coins into hard cash.