How to Win Contests Using Right Strategies in 2021?

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

When you enter an online competition, you need to strategically consider how to invest your time. But how do you decide whether it’s better or tougher to win an online award if you can’t see how many other individuals have entered? Some people also prefer to buy online votes to win such competitions.

Start to win these competitions with these hacks

Join each day:Lots of competitions enable you one entry each day (particularly text comps and instant wins). You have now doubled your chance of winning even by entering a prize draw for a second time, but if you will participate every day for the length of a promotion, your chance of winning will be greatly improved.

Setup reminders: Habits are essential-get yourself into a daily routine of compilation. To prompt yourself to listen to radio comps, do daily instant winners, weekly Internet searches or monthly scans on your favorite pages, use Google calendar reminders, phone alerts or even Post-it notes.

Look for low-entry local contests: Look on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for local business pages (restaurants, venues, stores, salons etc)-many of them will run competitions.

Find people who regularly join such competitions:If you follow what your friends who regularly join such competitions on social networking like -instagram Twitter and Facebook feed, you’ll find loads of competitions, especially if they are kind enough to tag you in competitive games. The most helpful are local mates, as they can tag you in low entry competitions, find them in local comping groups on Facebook, or enter a local competition club

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Join an anonymous community or group on Facebook: Check the posts of inspiring participants to see when and how individuals are winning awards. If you’re in the a group like that, review it regularly.

Google Search: Check for the awards you like and the types of competition you love most on Google or Twitter (photo, video, Instagram, recipe, etc). Have you got a smartphone? When you have a free minute (in a crowd, on the bus, standing at the school gates), use it for Web searches, join right away, or bookmark the links to look at later on.

Aim to make the effort competitions: Most people ignore some form of competition for effort, which ensures that the entry numbers are tiny. A winning submission is automatically picked for several tiebreaker, picture or video contests, so your photo or message need not be the best! Take several different images if you are making something special for a particular competition, then you can use them for other competitions.

Cut back on the sharing process: We see most new people with a Facebook profile full of Like & Sharing competitions, and a Twitter profile full of RT competitions, which are incredibly difficult to gain, as thousands of people see them! If you find a competition where you don’t want the reward, share it for sure! But if you just want to win, don’t go on Facebook, Twitter and forums and share it so that anyone else can join.It’s good to share, but it greatly decreases the probability of a victory.With the like/comment competitions on Social media, or the ‘reply to…’ competition on Twitter, you’ll get more progress.

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Checking regularly for results: New people who take part in the contests often skip the news of a winning because they don’t look in the right places! Check for ‘congratulations’ or ‘winner’ in your email inbox and spam files and search for your name in the Award Winners category when you join Facebook comps. Check your updates and inbox daily on Twitter and Instagram

Buy online votes: Any competition or challenge has beliefs and norms of its own. While the recruitment of judges is strictly endorsed for drawing conclusions by some platforms , others follows a voting system to be more honest and authentic. When the outcomes of the game are based on voting, it makes sense to buy online votes for such competition.