Joseph Girouard Boston Examines CBD as a Treatment for Fibromyalgia: Is It Possible?

Rohan Mathew

Joseph Girouard Boston Examines CBD as a Treatment for Fibromyalgia: Is It Possible?  

Joseph Girouard Boston believes in CBD oil and its potential treatment possibilities for many different conditions. For example, he believes that it could help with fibromyalgia and its many symptoms. And many researchers looking into the subject also think that the promise is there. But could this simple oil, with so few side effects, really help with this painful condition?

What Joseph Girouard in Boston Knows About CBD and Fibromyalgia

Over the years, Joseph Girouard Boston has been a proponent of high-quality CBD oil for years, believing it is one of the best ways to manage various unique health issues. And he believes that it may be helpful for fibromyalgia, a common chronic pain problem that impacts many people worldwide. While the research isn’t there yet, there are many promising signs it could be helpful.

So what does the research say about this process? Not much – one specialist described the research phase as “embryonic,” meaning it has barely even begun. However, the interest in finding a high-quality treatment method for fibromyalgia, one that cuts back on its impact, has become very prominent in recent years. And studies on related symptoms have found some benefits.

For instance, Joseph Girouard Boston believes that CBD will be further researched as an alternative to opioids and opiates, as these substances are currently at a pandemic level of overprescription and abuse. And the connection between CBD and opioids is not just theoretical – in states where marijuana (with CBD) is legal, opioid prescriptions drop almost exponentially for a safer and less addictive option.

Just as importantly, some early research and testimonies about CBD find that it is helpful for many of the symptoms of fibromyalgia, such as excessive pain, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, inflammation, and other related issues. These benefits have yet to be confirmed, but early studies have shown great promise. And testimonials from most people using CBD oil have been very promising as well.

And Joseph Girouard Boston believes that CBD is an excellent alternative to marijuana or other products with a heavy THC content. Though THC does produce some health benefits, oil causes the “high” expected with marijuana abuse. CBD does not create any sensation of a high. Instead, it calms the body and the mind without altering perception, a considerable benefit for those who want pain management help.

Research into this process is likely to continue at a steady pace over the next few years. As the opioid pandemic worsens and fibromyalgia impacts more people, Joseph Girouard Boston says that alternative treatments like CBD oil may become more necessary. And in a world where its positive effect is finally being discussed, this could be the golden age of CBD oil. Hope is a powerful emotion, and CBD seems to hold capabilities that could help those with this painful condition.