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Rohan Mathew

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It’s no secret that being organized is key to productivity. But if you’re reading this, you probably have a mountain of papers on your desk, office supplies strewn around and aren’t sure how to create a better system. Not to worry. Professional garbage disposal experts such as Junk King can do all the heavy lifting and junk removal for you, and we’ve also found the best office organization tips to help you get important papers in order and keep your workspace tidy.

Find a place for Everything

At your next scheduled time to clean your office, you need to find a home for all of your stuff. 

To avoid future clutter everything in your office needs to have a home. After you use an item there is this great spot that you will look forward to putting it away. Clutter happens when things do not have a home. The best time to find a home for things is when your space is ​clear and bare. You’ll have a great eye for what your space is capable of holding.

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Clean Out Your Collection of Business Cards 

Did you find a slew of business cards when you cleared your workspace or papers with phone numbers scribbled on them? Grab your phone and search for a new app. There are many apps out there that can scan a business card and transfer the information to your smartphone, such as Evernote or ScanBizCards.

Set aside some time, depending on how many cards you need to scan, to be sure, all data is safely transferred before recycling your cards. Going forward every time you get a new contact or business card, scan it.

Organize Computer files

You need to be able to find information for your boss or client in a timely fashion. Organization of computer files is as important as paper files.

Whether you work on spreadsheets, in Microsoft Word or on other programs, organize computer documents according to date, subject or category. Before you start moving documents write out an organizational hierarchy that would work for your paperwork that would make your work life easier. Then start moving documents as you go. 

After you go through your documents don’t let it go to waste. Be sure to backup files on an external hard or flash drive to avoid losing work if your computer system crashes.

Clean Your Office Regularly 

A cluttered office is a path to an inefficient work life. Reserve 15 minutes after lunch to organize things. File necessary paperwork, scan business cards, organize computer files and spreadsheets, and put items back in their home. 

Once you have de-cluttered your personal space at work, you’re going to feel incredibly energized. You’ll feel lighter and this positive energy will pass on to others. Avoid reverting back to your old style by making 

weekly clean-ups a habit. Your office will start to be so organized that those 15 minutes you have a schedule to clean up you can use to do yoga or meditate to help clean up your mind! See? Good things happen when you purge and clean. ​

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  • Remove Clutter

Once you have all the papers up and out of the way you should have a bunch of miscellaneous items left. I like to tackle things by themes making this just easier to deal with. So, for example, you can collect all the pens, pencils, markers, and other office supplies. For now, unless you have a designated area already, you can keep these items in a box until you can deal with them later.

Keep gathering up like items until you are finished. Your goal is to only have piles of papers labeled and ready to organize, boxes of like items, and trash/recyclables.

  • Keep Your Desk Clean 

This might be easier said than done, but it is also the reason why you decided early on what can stay out on your desk. If you said a computer, basket for current projects, and a planner then that is all that can stay out. That rule will help you to keep things neat on the surface of your desk, at least, without breaking a sweat. I love to have rules. They take the stress out of deciding what I need to do.

Make the rules you need to keep the things put away. Every time you finish working for the day, take a few minutes to reset your desk. I promise, sitting down to work at a neat and tidy desk is so much nicer than sitting down to work in a cluttered and chaotic one.

  • Label everything

If you so choose, investing in a good label maker will save you all the time you waste searching for things. Whether it’s a hard copy of a product map or a stapler, you don’t have time to waste searching for misplaced items. It’s easier to stay organized when you know where everything is.

Final word

Turning a messy office into an organized space may sound like a daunting task but when you break it down into steps you might just find it a bit easier to deal with.