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Manhwa appeared very early in Korea because it is especially interested in the art of pictures. Manhwa can be said that early Korean Manhwa, like Vietnamese fables, brought cultural values very big. In Korean Manhwa stories, Korean people always appreciate the precious qualities of Korean people in life, such as Altruism, friendship, solidarity, comradeship. The Korean want to convey their tasks, educational lessons, and a place where they can display their national pride through Manhwa. Unlike children’s comics featuring superhero characters such as superheroes, spiders, and so on, Manhwa depicts the nature of people in real life; these stories always demonstrate the ability to analyze emotions as well as the character’s inner feelings in each situation. Manhwa is a tool for Korean people to show their unique culture to international friends, and the Korean government is very interested in it because of its strength and high cultural expression.

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Get the hottest titles on the Manhwa App. As soon as the titles appear on Korean newsstands, you will get them at this best Manhwa reading app. With a subscription-based model, this Manhwa app unlocks multiple Manhwa and Manhwa series. On this Manhwa app, you can create a free account and get access to free Manhwa and anime books. However, if you want to read the latest Manhwa, you will have to pay a price of $1.95.

The free comic reader is best if you want to add favorites, bookmarks, and navigational features. Remember that you cannot register with a social network account.


It is a mobile application that allows you to read countless Manhwa comic books with many different genres such as Romance, fiction, action, school, fantasy, humor, business weird for free.

Manytoon highly respects the creator’s products, ideas, and brains, so this application has purchased the full copyright for all the series available on the application. Most of the comics on Manhwa are colored, accompanied by sharp HD quality images, bringing a sense of attraction to readers. Along with that, the translations are invested very carefully, so the sentences in the comics are easy to understand.

The ability to quickly update stories every day is one of the plus points that make users love using Manytoon. This application will update new chapters regularly, which means you will be able to see up to 7 chapters a week instead of having to wait 1 week for 1 episode.


Best webtoons is a trusted source and popular app that covers the entire digital catalog. This best Manhwa reader app allows you to read the latest chapters the same day they are released in Korea. Build your graphic novel library with this Manhwa reader app. Read free previews of paid episodes, bookmark your favorite moments, and more with this best Manhwa app.

Comics on this website are written in English, with a variety of genres, easily satisfying any reading interest of your readers.

In particular, the website not only works on the web-based web-based reading of WebToons stories but also has a mobile application, making it convenient and comfortable for readers to search and read the latest series at all times on any device.


The website is well known in the light novel reading community, they offer good scans, free reading of the latest Manhwa, and concurrent releases with Korea.

They offer the latest Manhwa for free, although re-reading will require you to subscribe to their monthly services. Manhwa Plus also features a wide range of popular and independent Manhwa collections. Add Manhwa you like in your Favorites, share comments on a chapter, and interact with the community.


It is also considered as one of the best free Manhwa reader apps although its outdated user interface slows it down. For Manhwa enthusiasts, this app is heaven because its library includes over 15,000 Manhwa 18 titles. The feature that makes this app one of the most used Manhwa reading apps is the English translation feature. All available titles have been translated into English, which is a huge comfort for those new to Manhwa. This app’s online chat platform allows Manhwa readers to communicate with friends. The online community is constantly informing you of new works and upcoming chapters of the Manhwa series.

Manhwa 18 also publishes new chapters of various titles as soon as their publishers release them. The “search feature” allows users to instantly search for titles without having to scroll up and down. “Offline reading” allows users to download and read their favorite Manhwa titles at their leisure. The Manhwa 18 app is available for both Android and iOS users to download for free.



This is another website for manhwa 18 enthusiasts not to be missed. Although the site has a less user-friendly interface, it offers a great variety of comics that you can add to your digital bookshelf, as well as get cool deals.

First of all, most of the comic books the site offers here are free. Second, the site has individual theme packs for you to download and read, following the same universe, character, or theme.

No matter what storybook you’re looking for, you’ll have several download options to choose from. Just have the software ready to read the CBR file format on your computer or mobile device.


It is one of the websites that specialize in publishing well-known Manhwa works that Manhwa fans should not miss. Looking at the cover designs of the works on the website, it is clear that the comic style on this site is more akin to a Chinese manhua.

This website features a wide range of comic genres for a wide range of audiences. Every comic work on this website includes ratings, reads, and comments to assist other readers in determining which works are popular and well-regarded. This site is free to use, so to maintain and regularly update new works, UR Manhwa will display advertisements. However, these advertisements will not have a significant impact on your reading experience!


Although it is a new comic reading website, the series is extensive and popular among young people.

You can filter stories by topic on the webtoon website, so you can be sure to find the series you want to read quickly.

In particular, the story is updated frequently, and the content of the story is accurately assessed. It will be an excellent choice for romance fans looking for something different from the traditional text story genre.

  1. is a free Manhwa reader application for Android devices. You do not need to register or pay to read the Manhwa, simply choose the source and start enjoying the Manhwa with new chapters updated regularly.

Among teenage girls and boys, reading Manhwa is a common habit. Even some adults still enjoy enjoying their leisure time reading Manhwa. But comic books aren’t always available around, and oftentimes you don’t have much of a chance to get the full series. In this case, A free reader is a must-have application on your smartphone. You will no longer have to waste time choosing or spending money to buy your favorite Manhwa books. All are available in free reader, and you need to read the text to find the Manhwa that suits your taste.

  1. ManhwaFox 

The website is also one of the oldest sources of free Manhwa on the web. Its database includes both timeless Korean Manhwa classics and the latest releases, all translated into English by fans. The quality of the Manhwa images is top-notch, and the site is updated several times a day, including an extensive, well-organized directory that lets you organize titles in a variety of ways.