Most Effective Way To Eliminate Bed Bugs in a Mattress

Rohan Mathew

Bed bugs are small and very good at hiding. They are also exceptionally good at traveling between houses. These tiny creatures can slip into your clothes or even a makeup bag when visiting a friend’s house or a hotel. You then bring them home and they find the little crevices around your bed, your mattress, and other soft furnishings in your room.

T night, the bedbugs will crawl out of their hiding spots and move to your sleeping body. They will then bite you and drink your blood. Of course, they are very small, you are unlikely to feel them biting you and they only take a tiny bit of blood.

However, you will notice red spots across your body where you have been bitten. These spots will be itchy and annoying. The good news is that bed bugs don’t usually transmit diseases

But, that won’t stop you from wanting to eliminate them! You should note that bed bugs are surprisingly tough and you need to adopt the right approach to eliminate them successfully. It is worth contacting the specialists to find out more info. You may even prefer to leave this to the professional exterminators as they have plenty of experience dealing with bed bugs.

Wash And Dry

The first thing you need to do is strip your bed and all other soft furnishings in the bedroom. These can be put in your washing machine. However, you don’t want to risk spreading the bed bugs through your house. That means putting the bedsheets, etc. into a plastic bag while you are in your bedroom. Close the bag and carry it to the washing machine, empty it into the machine, and then throw the bag away.

You will want to wash your sheets on as high a wash as possible. Most importantly, you need to dry them in the dryer afterward. They need at least twenty minutes on high heat. It s the heat of the dryer that really kills them.


Unfortunately, you can’t put your mattress into the washing machine or the dryer. Instead, you need to start by vacuuming your mattress thoroughly.   Take your time with this as you want to get into every crevice. You should note vacuuming will not necessarily kill the bugs. But, you can empty the vacuum directly into the dustbin and dispose of the sack outside, well away from the house. 

Don’t forget to vacuum the rest of the bedroom and to do both sides of your mattress. You will need to remove it from the bed in order to vacuum all the corners of the bed frame.  

It can also be a good idea to use a steam cleaner and slowly move it over the surfaces in your room, including your mattress. It will kill the bed bugs.


It is a personal decision whether to use insecticides in your house or not. They are very effective at killing bed bugs but you are introducing chemicals into your home. If you decide to use insecticides you can purchase some in your local store. However, the professionals have stronger chemicals that may be better suited to the task. 

If you use insecticides you should note that the treatment needs to be repeated after two weeks, this should eliminate most of the bugs that have hatched since your initial treatment. It is not unusual to need several treatments.