New Businesses That Are Thriving During the Pandemic

Rohan Mathew

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When New Year’s Day arrived in 2020, we greeted the world with hope and expectation. New resolutions were made and we forged ahead in a setting that was comfortably like the year just past. Winter faded and we imagined the newfound warmth of spring soon settling in. Then, like a wave crashing upon the shore, the pandemic arrived and soon everything we knew was turned upside down.

With the arrival of the virus came restrictions, social distancing and new measures that kept us locked down at home. Instead of going into the office each day we worked from our house and our kids got their remote schooling there too. Entire industries shut across the nation, leaving sectors such as hospitality, tourism and the airline industry in tatters. Millions lost their jobs and many others saw their weekly work hours curtailed. People were struggling, wondering how to make money in this uncertain time.

Cottage Food Operations

Many states have laws and regulations that govern the preparation and sales of food that is created or cooked in the home. This allows an entrepreneur to come up with a great food product that can be produced in a home kitchen, with almost no overhead costs, and then sold locally, Typically, health authorities prefer that the item being offered for sale not contain highly perishable ingredients or need carefully controlled refrigeration.

One of the cottage businesses that has really taken off in the pandemic is artisan bread baking. Consumers are craving comfort food and a warm, delicious loaf of sourdough or other specialty bread is perfect for these times. In order to produce quality loaves and keep production going, you’ll need to purchase and install a top-quality deck oven. These ovens provide consistent heat for each baking shelf and allow you to create the perfect crust on each and every loaf.

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Food Delivery Services

With the heightened concern over the virus many consumers who are trying to stay out of crowed grocery stores are now doing their shopping online. It’s possible to get many staple items from national companies but they offer little in the way of variety. Yes, you can get products that you see on the typical grocery store shelf. But you can’t get interesting, enticing comfort food that would brighten the day of all the people who are trapped in Groundhog Day environments at home.

The current situation offers the perfect market opportunity for entrepreneurs who can capitalize on the customer-driven desire for unique, delicious and affordable gourmet comfort food. You could contact all the specialty suppliers in your region and assemble a great set of product offerings that would be so very welcome right now. From there, you could set up a website that allows online ordering and provide contactless delivery to clients in your area neighborhoods.

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Gardening and Backyard Farming Supplies

Once the virus restrictions were in place many people found that their whole life now revolved around their home. Rather than spending two hours a day commuting, they had time to really assess their world and began looking to for what they could do to enrich their home environment. At the same time, grocery store shortages illustrated just how fragile the food supply chain could be in our world.

As a result of all of these factors home vegetable gardens and backyard mini-farms started springing up in neighborhoods across the country. Starter plants and seeds sold out and nurseries reported historically high sales revenues. Local entrepreneurs who offer a mix of gardening supplies, such as raised planter beds, and vegetable plants and deliver them right to your door will have more business than they can handle.

Every time there is an economic slowdown or unexpected event, the economy suffers. At the same time, savvy entrepreneurs can also take advantage of new business opportunities that are instantly created by these cosmic shifts in the commercial tide. By quickly evolving business model to meet new needs it’s possible to create a thriving new venture even during challenging economic times.