Office Space Planning Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

Rohan Mathew

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Office Space Planning Tips Do’s and Don’ts

Office space planning is no longer a cumbersome job. There are few do’s and don’ts which you must keep in mind. Design the office space that matches with the culture of your business as well as comply with the law. Making the right choices and decisions is utmost crucial while renovating the office space.  

Uncountable office design trends have been introduced till now; you can choose the style and idea which makes your office premise more functional and employee-friendly looking. Here we are going to tell what to do and what to avoid, so please read out the rest of the details.

DO # 1

Before renovating the office, keep in mind your office culture, business purpose and how employees prefer working in their workstations. Think about what nature of the work is usually conducted in your office and then design it accordingly. Create an open plan and take feedback from employees regarding what kind of office style they have dreamed of.

DO # 2

You have to be very creative while designing and planning an office space. Brainstorm and think out of the box. Dull office look makes the employees lose interest in their work and they tend to become unproductive. On the other hand, an exciting office layout injects energy into the employees and pushes them to perform at their best. So, be creative when planning the office space.

DO # 3

It is repeatedly recommended to involve IT infrastructure experts while you plan out and renovate the office space. Install the most advanced generation of cables and Seasafe plastic cable trays to make the best use of IT systems. Decide beforehand what kind of server you want and do you want a cool room to host these servers! These are the crucial choices which you have to make before finalizing the final layout of your office space.

DO # 4

Drawing up proper plans and executing them in the right direction remains a must! Keep the margin for error as much less as you can. In doing so, chances of delaying the project will become less. Furthermore, prefer using the 2D and 3D planning tools. You must determine beforehand that if you plan to grow your office space in future, whether the current layout will be able to accommodate additional staff or not!

DO # 5

Make the maximum use of natural light while designing the office space. Taking advantage of the natural light will save your money with respect to paying electrical bills. Moreover, natural light brings a refreshing feel and energetic vibe into the employees. It ensures rejuvenating effect onto the employee’s body and mind. Even if the employee has been working for long hours, natural light will keep him fresh. So, when planning the office space, it is suggested to consider ceiling panels and glass walls.

DO # 6

Opt for minimalistic approach! Incorporating minimalism will keep the office space utmost functional looking. Just keep the necessary stuff into your office and avoid cluttering the workstations. A good office design filled with the minimalistic and de-clutter approach surround the employees with more productivity. So, design the office space in a less-bulky version and keep it as much cleaner, functional and more professional looking.

DO # 7

Do keep in mind the budget range when revamping the office look. Seek the professional drywall estimating services. They will tell you accurately what the exact cost will be for the removal and installation of drywall in office. Just convey them your budget range and they will draft a cost estimation plan that will surely not exceed your budget limit.

DON’T # 1

Never and ever ignore the legal duties when planning and designing the office space. Ignoring the legalities might land you in a lot of trouble. It is advisable to get in touch with an expert office space planner. He will definitely help you how to sort out the legal issues.

DON’T # 2

Avoid designing every floor of your office too similar! What you can do is to add variety and keep every floor different from others. Conference room, workstations, rest rooms and other office zones should be designed creatively and entirely different from each other.

DON’T # 3

Avoid jumping on every office space designing trend. It is not necessary that every office design trend syncs with your office space. Plan out properly whether your employees can embrace the open design trend and standing desk trend. Before incorporating any style, think beforehand whether your staff will accept it or not.

DON’T # 4

Do not ever forget incorporating little details into your office space. Like coffee facility, resting chairs, a small gym, giving a nice front view and other facilities like these will keep your workforce more productive. Adding these few touches makes the employee working time more pleasant.


Thus, this is how you can plan out the office space. Undoubtedly, these are simple tips but manage to give the amazing look and refreshing vibe into your office space. If you have recently finalized a layout for your office, you can share with us what trends you have embraced and how much creative you have gone! Stay tuned for more updates.