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Are you looking for admission in native English-speaking countries? Then you probably want to look into this article. For admission, a candidate needs a good IELTS band score. Wonder in what is that? You will find your answers.

IELTS International English language testing system. A standardized test that non-native English speakers need to take in order to get through immigration as well as admission and colleges. India falls under this category. So, you need to take this test for admissions. How do I take this test? IELTS registration is covered here. Before that let’s look into some useful information about the test. 

 The test is managed by British council IPD, Cambridge English language assessment, and IELTS Australia. It started in 1980 and established on the air in 1989. This is a 2 hour and 55 minutes test. Here listening, reading, writing, and speaking ability is tested. More than 1200 test centers are functional around the world.

Based on an individual topic performance you will be graded. An aggregate of all four topics gives the IELTS band score. The score ranges from 1 to 9 full stops. There is no pass or fail in the test, you just be classified based on your proficiency in English. However, if you are applying for institutions for admission purposes you need about a 7 score to enter reputed institutions. 

Since 51% of the candidates taking this test to opt for academics so let us look into requirements to get into good institutes in different countries. In the US to get into reputed universities you need a score above 7.

In any of the normal colleges, a minimum score of 6 will do. Around 3000 US institutions accept the score. The UK minimum score ranges from 6.5 to 7. In Canada minimum scores range from 6 to 6.5. a minimum score of 6.5 is mandatory in Australia. You can choose the country of your preference, complete IELTS registration, and set your goal for the exam. 

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There are two types of tests

  1. General training
  2. Academics 
  1. General training

If you are applying just for immigration or work visa you can take this test. 

  1. Academics

For students seeking an admission offer for doctors or nurses looking for practice abroad.  

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 The fees range from Rs. 13,250 to Rs. 18500 depending upon the test you take. You can give an online or paper-based test. Note that the IELTS band score is valid only for 2 years. There is no specific date and time of the exam. You can choose a date and time slot (morning, afternoon, evening) according to your convenience. If you want to reschedule there is an additional fee of 3300. So, make sure to pick a date and time you are sure about. 

Listening section constituent of 40 minutes if optic for paper and pen-based exam the time taken to transact tapers paper also included. The reading section is 60 minutes. The writing section is 60 minutes.

The speaking section takes somewhere between 11 and 14 minutes. In the speaking test, you will be interviewed with basic questions about yourself majorly. Then an impromptu speech round is given. You will get a topic and a one-minute time to prepare. After that, you will have to speak for 2 minutes on the given topic.

Oral it won’t be a tough test if you are good at English. Results are announced in 3 days for the online test and 13 days for the paper-based test. For IELTS registration and official update refer the website