Outdoor projector setup guide- 3 simple hacks

Rohan Mathew

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In this, we learn about 3 simple hacks about Outdoor projector setup guide

Projectors are getting loved by more people day by day. As people like to see things on bigger screens. We usually use indoor projectors. But how it would be if we set up a projector outdoors for family or social parties. Or projection at the roof or at the yard. Thinking of giving the taste of joy, It might seem to be so much hassle to bear the expensive or non- portable projector here and there. And for outdoor parties there is always a risk of being damaged.

So I would advise you to bring the best projectors under 100. Because they are built of high lumen capacity with lamp life. Which is enough and they are much more portable to carry. If you are a regular party lover then they are for you obviously. Today I will tell you all the simple steps to set up an outdoor projector for all the regular and seasonal users.

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Outdoor projector guide

Outdoor means it’s a windy and lightly condition. Both of them are not suitable for projection. So we have to manage the environment and try to make the higher adjustment. And morning and noon is the worst time to project. The most suitable time is afternoon and evening.

If you are in need of projecting at noon then you have to make a shade to avoid sunlight.

Before all the things, you have to know the ability of your projector to project. All the indoor projectors aren’t able to produce images at high light. At outdoor the light intensity would be higher than the indoor. So you must need a higher lumen producing projector. Neither all the steps taken would go in vain. Also the type of projector plays a vital role. The overhead projector will have nothing to do outdoors. So take the decision sincerely.

If your projector has the higher lumen producing capacity then you are okay to follow the next steps. Let’s have a view on them:

Choose the location

Firstly you have to find a proper location to set up your projector. To produce a better image quality you have to put it away from public disturbance. And you would need to connect some wire to the projector. So it will be good for safety and usage to avoid a crowded place. And the place must not be at the direction of the sun. Because any lumen capacity is not enough to produce a better image into the sunlight.

Secondly, you have to place another projector screen to have a better image quality. So the place should be in lower wind condition. Neither might it make disturbance into the party and projection procedure.

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Make the proper connection

To place the projector outdoors you would need an extra power supply source. It would be easy if you have any power source beside your chosen place. But if there isn’t you need to use a long wired multi plug to make the connection.

You must not rely on the projector sound system. As most of them are not capable of producing party sounds. Their volume is very low. So you have to connect an external sound system.

Thirdly, the original source of projection should be connected. Like- TV, Android etc. The connection is of various kinds like wired connection or wireless connection.

Just ensure that all of them are connected at the proper port. Then you may use any coverings to the wires to make them safer. Neither may it cause any kind of accidental issues.

Setup projector screen

Projector screen is a must material to project outdoors. Projector screen ensures image quality. In the case of outdoor parties, the projector screen must be placed into any corner which is completely free from strong wind and highlights.

The projector screen is made of a smoother surface and of specific size. You should elect the distance from the projector according to the projection and screen size’s ratio.

Keep in mind that any kind of movement of the screen would cause disturbance and can destroy the party mood. So before placing the projector screen you have to elect the suitable place and be careful at the time of adjusting.

Secure Connection

All the steps are done but this is not the time of joy. Because an accident might finish all of the enjoyment of a party and program. So before making the projection, switch on the projector. Check every single connection and avoid the loose connections. As they might cause spark or firing accidents. Check all the connections and if they need, cover the joining connection with current tape. Firing accident is a common accident in a party. And don’t cross the limited volume level if you have a neighbor. You must have to follow social rules and safety.


To set up a projector is not only troublesome but also a tricky job. But following the above directions the task would be easier to accomplish. A proper setup of an outdoor projector can twice the joy of your party or program. As the visual play attracts the audience effectively. Just follow these simple steps and turn your party into a mind-blowing moment.