.PK domain name prices and registration in Pakistan   

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.PK domain name prices and registration in Pakistan   

.PK domain is a local extension that is reasonable for local brands, businesses and service providers in Pakistan whose main objective is to target Pakistani audience. With the rise in the IT industry in Pakistan, .PK is presently the second most registered domain name following the .com domain that stands first in the list. Search engines also favour your domain name over others concerning the ranking of websites in Pakistan, along these lines improving SEO on the off chance if you choose to go for .PK domain name.


PKNIC is the primary registrar for all the local domain names and manages all transfer and renewal processes. It also has a number of partnering websites that provide the same services as per its instructions. Due to an increase in scrutiny by PKNIC your applications must follow the PKINIC registration policy agreement to register your .PK domain as per the instructions and requirements given below:

  •         The minimum character length for your second level .PK domain must be 4 characters for example (1234.pk), and the maximum length must not be more than 67 characters. The 4 characters before the .PK extension must not begin with PKNIC’s and second level subdomain for example .com, .org, .net, .gov etc.
  •         Make sure that the domain name is not listed in the reserved or the blocked domains of PKNIC for example NAME.PK or INFO.PK (reserved namespace).
  •         The domain name must not have two consecutive dash in between, nor can it begin with a dash. 
  •         In third level domains like .com.pk or .net.pk, the domain label “WWW” is not permitted due to cyber security threats and risks, and to ensure the stability of the .PK DNS system.


For any domain registrant in Pakistan, RS 1175 is charged as the domain fee per year. For any foreign located domain registrar, $24 per domain per year is charged as the fee. Further instructions given below needs to be followed:

  •         The fee is summed and charged based on the two year time period and can be paid up to a maximum of ten years.
  •         The amount must already be available in your account before a new domain is registered ( or paid via credit card at the registration time).
  •         There is no increase in the domain renewal fee and it remains the same as the domain registration fee every year.

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PKNIC accepts the following payment methods:

  •         Prepaid cards
  •         Credit cards
  •         Bank drafts and cheques

You can easily make online payments through either a PKNIC PREPAID CARD or a CREDIT CARD.

Cheques are payable to “PKNIC (PVT) LTD”. Your .PK account number (or for renewal; domain name) must be written on the back of the cheque. A printed payment slip must also be included alongside your payment.  


Pre-paid cards provided by the PKNIC registrar provides you with special card codes or pins for the renewal of your domain names with PKNIC and add credits in your PK registry account that may be utilized for registering your required domain names. These cards are important for registering or renewing your .PK, .COM.PK, .NET.PK, .ORG.PK, .FAM.PK, .BIZ.PK, .WEB.PK, .EDU.PK, .GOV.PK, .GOB.PK, .GOG.PK, .GKP.PK, .GOP.PK, .GOS.PK and .GOK.PK domain name. 

The biggest advantage associated with the PKNIC prepaid card is that your balance in it can be credited in your own account for any time use. The price for a PKNIC prepaid card varies between RS. 2100 to RS. 2500. PKNIC prepaid cards are now even provided by various local websites that are PKNIC SRS members.


In order to register your new domain, follow the instructions below:

  •         Check if your domain name is available from the main page of the PKNIC website or you may use other websites which are backed and supported by PKNIC.
  •         Login in to your .PK account. If you do not have one, then sign up for it.
  •         Menu Billing:  Add Domain Credits, using the options available under the menu, add domain credits from the billing menu to your account for example; domain credit, credit card, paypal etc.
  •         Menu Register Domain: register the domain of your choice from the register domain menu.

Note that the PKNIC is responsible for administering the .PK Domain name space which includes the operation of the DNS for the ROOT-SERVERS for .PK domains along with the registration and maintenance of all .PK domains. No other service for top level domains eg. .com or .net is provided.


A number of local websites also provide cheap domain in Pakistan services for the .PK domain with highly competitive prices. Remember these may vary from different company to company from time to time. But they are more or less the same.

  •         .PK= RS. 2339/ 2 years ( used by individual companies to gain local internet representation)
  •         .COM.PK= RS. 2339/ 2 years ( used by multinational corporate sector)
  •         .EDU.PK= RS. 2500/2 years ( used by Pakistan based educational institutes)
  •         .ORG.PK= RS. 2339/ 2 years ( used by non-profit organizations to produce their websites and organizational emails in Pakistan)
  •         .BIZ.PK= RS.  2339/ 2 years ( used in absence of .pk or.com.pk extension generally for business entities)
  •         .NET.PK= RS. 2339/ 2 years ( best for networking businesses)
  •         .GOV.PK= RS. 2500/ 2 years ( Only for use of federation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
  •         .GOS.PK= RS.  2500/ 2 years ( for Government. of Sindh)
  •         .GOP.PK= RS. 2500/ 2 years ( web names for Government of Punjab)
  •         .GOK.PK= RS. 2500/ 2 years ( only for provincial government of Azad Kashmir)
  •         .GOB.PK= RS.  2500/ 2 years ( only for departments of Government of Balochistan)
  •         .GOG.PK= RS.  2500/ 2 years (used by only Gilgit Baltistan Government units)
  •         .GKP.PK= RS.  2500/ 2 years ( restricted for government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)
  •         .FAM.PK= RS.  2339/2 years ( this suffix can be used by families and individuals) 

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