Polished Stainless Steel Bumper Vs. Chrome Plated Bumper

Rohan Mathew

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Polished Stainless Steel Bumper Vs. Chrome Plated Bumper


Think of a vehicle.

Likely you’ll soon find yourself thinking of a car. Perhaps the convertible that you’ve been saving up for comes to mind or it’s the four-wheeler with its rugged charm that fills your thought. Either way, the appearance must strike a chord with you. Visualize it….. its chassis. The car bumper isn’t so far behind now.

Do you know the make perhaps? Or even the design style? If you have ever seen a car bumper then it is likely one of these two; the polished stainless steel bumper or the chrome-plated bumper

Introduced as far back as 1901 and patented four years later, bumpers were initially made of rubber, intended to mitigate collision impacts and “guard against damage to persons or vehicles on the road”. This was stated by Frank Simmons, patent holder of what would become the modern-day bumper, now enforced by international safety standards, to be fitted to every vehicle.

Made once to reduce costs, modern vehicle bumpers, mostly plastic, have become expensive to replace, making it even more important that a bumper does its job and does it well.

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Here, we discuss two of the most notable ever bumper makes still applicable in the modern society;

  • Polished Stainless Steel Bumper
  • Chrome Plated Bumper


Steel bumpers are characterized by their heavyweight and ability to absorb much shock from collisions. Stainless steel exemplifies this and more. Considerations for bumpers may center around the concept of absorption, geometry, and stability but longevity and aesthetics play a significant part in consumer satisfaction also. Psst: check BumperStock for quality bumpers.

Here, this bumper really shines. Stronger than steel and flexible enough to be worked back into shape from denting, that it can be polished to shine almost like chrome and doesn’t run the risk of rust is only a boon. Stainless steel is more expensive than regular grades, requiring more skill to work but ultimately offering a cost-effective solution when maintenance and finishing costs are accounted for.


Often associated with classic cars from the mid-nineteenth century, Chrome plated bumpers undergo an extensive finishing process to acquire that dazzling exterior. Primarily a steel bumper, it goes through a chemical process that layers first, nickel, then chromium over it. Chrome plating also won’t rust due to its composition and seems a better option cost-wise but is it?

Due to the nature of Chrome plating, a crack in the exterior will lead to rusting, prompting a cycle of expensive re-chroming to maintain the desired stylistic appeal.

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Both the Polished Stainless Steel Bumper and its Chrome Plated counterpart are symbols of an era, representing different styles and realities. While the Polished Stainless Steel Bumper comes out on top in an objective examination, it is up to the buyer to examine both; their pros and cons, to decide what he wants and purchase it, having made a well-informed decision.