Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund

Rohan Mathew

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Portugal Golden Visa is a program that allows non-EU, non-EEA, and non-Swiss citizens to acquire residence permits through investment in Portugal. 

The program has been in effect since 2012. Throughout the years between then and now, It has provided residence permits to over 10,000 investors and allowed a capital flow of over €6 billion to enter Portugal. 

One of the options to obtain the Portugal Golden Visa is to invest in the Portugal investment funds, which is the most recent type of investment to apply for the program.

If you’re planning to apply for a Golden Visa by investing in Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund, proceed to read this post where we provide the essential information about the funds and the advantages this particular type of investment offers. 

Perks of the Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund has numerous advantages such as tax privileges, yields, and investment safety. Find a list of these several advantages below:

  • You’ll be obliged to pay a smaller number of taxes compared to investing in real estate. You’ll be free from yearly municipal taxes, 0.8% of stamp duty, and six percent of IMI transfer tax. You may also be exempt from certain taxes such as the withholding tax.
  • You’ll have the chance to earn annual yields and capital gain through your fund. These gains can be higher in rates compared to ones you’d get with other investment types available for the Golden Visa.
  • Investing in the Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund is quite safe because your funds will be regulated by many authorities such as the Bank of Portugal, Portuguese Securities Market Commission, external fund management firm, and tax authorities.
  • You’ll be at ease because your funds will be administered by fund managers.

Portugal Golden Visa Fund

Portugal Investment Fund Golden Visa which came into effect in 2017 is a relatively new means of getting a residence permit by investment through Golden Visa. To apply for the program benefiting from this option, you’re required to make an investment of a minimum sum of €500,000 in the units of investment funds or venture capital funds. 

Upon completing your investment process, you’re expected to submit the required documents. What’s left after that point is just to wait for your approval. If you’re planning to relocate together with your family, your family members can also be included in the Portugal Golden Visa program, which means you’ll be responsible for dealing with their paperwork as well. 

Who’s Eligible to Apply To Obtain a Golden Visa

There are specific criteria you’re required to meet to be eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund. For instance:

  • Being a citizen of a non-EU, non-EEA country, and also a non-Swiss citizen
  • Holding a criminal record that is clean in both your home country and Portugal
  • Providing proof that you’re able to pay the required investment amount
  • Demonstrating proof about how you source your funds

Steps of the Application for the Portugal Golden Visa Fund

You can find the basic steps you need to follow to apply for Portugal Investment Fund Golden Visa below:

  • Selecting the suitable one for you from the Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund options
  • Assigning an attorney to proceed with the process
  • Open up a Portuguese bank account
  • Get a NIF (tax number) in Portugal
  • Gather, fill and sign the required documents
  • Wait for the approval from your fund manager
  • Invest your fund in the relevant account
  • Deliver the required documents you gathered to your attorney 
  • Pay the for the application to SEF (Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service)
  • Show up at your biometrics appointment by entering Portugal
  • Get your residence permit card 

If your family is also included in the program, their paperwork needs to be taken care of, as well. They’re also obliged to attend the biometrics appointment and to finalize their application process at SEF with you.

The residence permit you’ll obtain at this point will be valid for two years but it’s renewable so long as you meet the required conditions at the end of that period. 

That’s all for the basics of the Portugal Investment Fund Golden Visa. Apply online and enjoy living in Portugal and other countless benefits of the program.