Prolong the Life of the Quality Rug

Rohan Mathew

As you know, the heirloom rugs are those rugs that come from the father and the grandfather. The past belonging are the precious things that possess great importance in all the family member’s life. So please keep these things safe and prolong life by taking care of them.

The heirloom rugs design belongs to the family culture, and it reflects the family traditions and rituals that are happening over the decades. If any sad moments happened in the rug’s presence, it would remind it, and if any happiest moments have happened, it will bring tears in your eyes when you are memorizing it. 

These heirloom Area Rugs reflect the lifestyle of the people. Through which the visited people recognized how they are living. How their fathers and grandfathers were living. The heirloom rug is the reflection of the past along with the memories.

The home decoration reflects the lifestyle as well, but the rugs added the memories of fathers and a grandfather in it through which no family member can forget them. Few are the essential points that need to be kept in mind to protect the rugs from prolonging its life.

The Process of Vacuum Cleaning

The quality rugs are mostly produced from wool, a durable material compared to other materials used in making rugs. Wool can absorb soil if you don’t take care of the wool rug, so how the rug’s life will be longer. That’s why cleaning of the rug is essential.

Many people think that taking care of the rug is difficult, but protecting the rug is not so difficult when we analyze it. People utilize various techniques to protect the rugs from the stain, and they work well to enhance the life of it.

The dirt and sand damage the fiber of the rug. That’s why vacuum cleaning is highly recommended regularly. First of all, remove the roller brush from the vacuum cleaner and then use the vacuum to clean it well. The brush will damage the material of the rug quickly. 

Natural Rugs are made from natural material. Their raw materials are collected from the plants and animals. These materials are sensitive and durable if the rug owner will not protect it so the rug’s life will be reduced, and he/she can’t use it for a long time.

Utilize it in Low Traffic Area

Various home areas possess high traffic, such as the kitchen, entrance, hallway, and living room. These are the places where all the family members regularly come and go, so the mark of footsteps occur on the rugs if the rug has been placed on the floor. Due to the high traffic of footwear and tear of the rug, it is also possible to keep it safe and reduce the chances of wear and tear and place it in the low traffic area.

Suppose you place the heirloom rug on that place without the rug’s pad, so the foot’s mark will appear if the foot is dirty, so the black mark creates a dirty impact on the rug. Thus the stain will appear on the rug. 

The rug’s color and design will also become faded and rough by the maximum utilization of it if you utilize it thoroughly, so how the rug’s life will be extended. To prolong the rug’s life by keeping it in excellent condition. It can only be possible to put the rugs in the low traffic area such as a guest room or drawing-room. 

As you know, a wide range of cleaning detergents are available in the market through which you can clean the rug by washing it. Still, the detergents are harmful to the rug’s material if the rugs are produced from the natural material. Hence, the utilization of harmful chemicals reduces the life of the rug. Thus you will not keep the rug longer, and you can’t pass it to your heirs as well. 

Utilize the Carpet pads to protect the Heirloom Rugs

The carpet pads are readily available online or in the local market. It is helpful to protect the rugs from stains and dirt. If your rug will not fade and it is protected by yourself, how will the rug’s life not enhance? Indeed, it will enhance, and your heir will also use it in their life.

The carpet pad prolongs the rug’s life by protecting it from the sunlight, dust, and dirt. When the sunlight passes on the rug regularly along with the dust, so fade, the rug’s color and the rug’s fiber also become rough and dull. Thus the appearance of the rug will not be suitable as before. Thus the life of the rug will be reduced, and you can’t keep it long.

If you put the carpet pad on the rug, it enhances the rug’s life and maintains the appearance of the rug as well. Thus the rug’s color and design will not fade when you remove the rug’s pad, so you will see the excellent appearance as you have seen it before a few months ago. 

When the carpet pad is present on the rug, the foot of the person firmly stays on the rug. Thus the chances of falling and slipping will be reduced because the carpet pad stabilizes the rug by making it thicker.

Carpet pads are available in the market of various materials. Some are made from natural material such as animal hair. The synthetic materials are foam and sponge of the carpet pad. You can select the appropriate one according to your rug. If your rug is made from a natural material, I prefer you buy the rug’s pad of animal hair and happily use it to prolong the rug’s life.

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