Review about Wifi vs Standard Baby Monitors

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Having a baby means that you as a parent must always be on the alert when he cries. It is impossible if you are around the baby continuously, even though you are at home every day. The solution to this is to buy a baby monitor. Currently, there are two types of baby monitors, namely standard baby monitors and wifi baby monitors.

Each of them certainly has its own advantages and needs a lot of consideration to be able to buy the one that suits your needs. You can see all the reviews regarding wifi vs standard baby monitors below.

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What is a Baby Monitor?

Baby monitors are also commonly known as baby alarms which have a system to remotely distribute the baby’s cries. Usually, each baby monitor consists of a transmitter and microphone. There are also baby monitors that use video nowadays.

Some baby monitors offer a two ways communication feature, so parents can talk to the baby from different rooms. Consumers can just buy a baby monitor that allows them to play the music that can make the baby sleep.

Non-Wifi Baby Monitor or Standard Baby Monitor

This guide can let you know what are the advantages of using a non-wifi type baby monitor. Those of you who buy it don’t have to be connected to Wifi to be able to monitor the baby’s condition from a different room. Usually, the working principle of this type of baby monitor uses transmission in the form of audio or video.

The advantage of using this type of baby monitor is that it is harder to hack. Operating a standard baby monitor is much easier than a Wifi baby monitor. Usually, this type can be bought by consumers at a lower price and some are already equipped with long-lasting battery life. Consumers can just buy baby monitors that can record too.

Even you as a parent can buy a baby monitor that includes a room temperature measurement function. Best Long distance baby monitors with this function are very suitable for parents who have babies and live in countries with 4 seasons. You know, babies are more prone to getting sick when the air around them changes.

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Wifi Baby Monitor

The development of Wifi technology is very helpful in many human jobs, including watching babies. Using the Wifi baby monitor allows parents to monitor the condition of the baby while traveling outside the home and hire helpers to babysit. Parents can usually do baby supervision via a smartphone.

It’s just that, you have to spend a budget that is not cheap to buy a baby monitor wifi. Parents who buy this device are usually all busy working. Monitoring the baby’s condition is made easier by using a wifi baby monitor. In fact, parents who are going abroad can still monitor their babies via smartphones as long as they can connect to the internet.

However, you should be aware that anything connected to the internet has the potential to be hacked. Parents who buy wifi baby monitors must also be extra careful about the security of their smartphones from the dangers of spyware.