Shed Those Lockdown Pounds: The Best Breads for Weight Loss

Rohan Mathew

It may be hard to believe, but there is actually bread out there that you can eat and STILL lose weight. Sound too good to be true? Yes, we thought the same. But there is actually a variety of breads out there that are super healthy and still super tasty!

Losing weight doesn’t mean cutting out food, especially those that have great benefits. Effective weight loss is all about choosing the right foods and fuelling your body with the right nutrients. That includes incorporating and knowing exactly what type of bread you should be eating to gain those nutrients and feel fuller for longer. 

Contrary to popular belief, people who are trying to lose weight don’t need to cut out bread completely, it is all about understanding that some breads are more appropriate for weight loss in comparison to others. Whole grain bread, for example, can actually aid in shedding some of those pounds off. 

Here are some of the healthiest breads on the market that are readily available for you to buy and enjoy in your daily meals. 

Ezekiel Bread

You may have heard of the latest craze that is Ezekial bread. Well, if you haven’t we are here to enlighten you and change your meal times forever. Ezekiel bread is made from organic, sprouted whole grains which contain a number of different types of grains and legumes. Basically, it is filled to the brim with natural goodness. Ezekiel bread is also sugar-free, and the two types of sprouted beans in the bread increase the protein content, helping to keep blood sugars low and a satisfying feeling of fullness for longer. Ezekiel bread can be found in the majority of supermarkets and most health food stores. 

100% Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread is also referred to as wholemeal bread. Unlike white bread, wholemeal bread is made from a more unrefined flour which is higher in fibre and contains a lot more minerals and vitamins. Whole wheat bread also contains a much lower GI index compared to white bread, meaning it will keep you feeling fuller for longer and unlikely to raid the cake or biscuit tin for a mid-morning snack. The next time you are shopping for bread keep an eye out for 100% whole wheat flour on the label, 3 grams of fibre, and 3 grams of sugar per slice. 

Whole Grain Bread

Wholegrain bread tends to be much lower in calories than white bread due to the fact that it is made up of grains that are fully intact. Make sure to always check the packaging for the full nutritional information and look for bread which sticks to the guidelines of 3 grams of fibre and 3 grams of sugar per slice. Wholegrain bread is a great and healthy choice even for those who are seeking to simply maintain their weight and not gain any more pounds. You can enjoy wholemeal bread as part of your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.