Should you spend on a car accident lawyer in Cedar Rapids? 

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Should you spend on a car accident lawyer in Cedar Rapids

As a driver injured in a car accident in Cedar Rapids, you are expected to take a few basic steps. First and foremost, if you (or another driver or passenger) are injured, call 911 immediately. Get medical attention for your injuries, no matter how minor. Next, call the local law enforcement and wait for the police to arrive at the scene. In the meanwhile, if it is safe, consider moving your car to a safer place, and take a minute to note down the contact and insurance details of other drivers involved. Here comes the big question – Do you need to hire a car accident lawyer in Cedar Rapids? Here’s a quick review of key aspects. 

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Consider your circumstances

On-road mishaps and car accidents often cause unprecedented consequences. If you have suffered extensive losses or injuries, hiring an attorney would be a wise step. If the insurance company has made an offer, and you are okay with whatever the insurance company has promised, you can avoid hiring an attorney. On the basis of circumstances, you should consider lawyering up if – 

  • You have suffered catastrophic injuries
  • Your injuries are likely to prevent you from working further
  • You have suffered extensive losses
  • You have a huge vehicle repair bill
  • Your injuries are such that you would need long-term medical care

Think of fault

Are you partly at fault for the car accident? If you share the blame, do not delay calling an attorney. Iowa is one of the states that follow the “modified comparative fault” rule. You can only sue the other at-fault driver if you are less at fault for the accident than them. It doesn’t matter whether you have suffered more losses. Let’s assume that you were injured in a crash where you are 51% at fault, and your claim is worth $500,000. Since you have a major share in fault, you cannot claim anything. 

The other party will try to sue you for having a higher share of the blame, and the insurance company will do everything possible to deny your claim. It makes no sense to deal with the aftermath on your own, especially when an injury can offer immediate help. Most car accident lawyers in Iowa work on a contingency fee, which means there is no upfront fee. Hiring a lawyer doesn’t have to cost anything right away, and you can expect the attorney to investigate the case and gather evidence.