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Are you looking for Sufna Movie Download options? And wondering what is the movie about. Here I will tell you about the movie and also options to download. Sufna which means Dream is a superhit Punjabi movie that released in 2020. The movie is very interesting and should be watched. There are many websites from where you can download the movie and also there are many sites from where you can stream the movie. Keep on reading to know everything about the  movie and Sufna movie download.

Sufna Movie Download 

Here below I have mentioned the sites from where you can download the sufna movie full hd download

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Sufna Movie Download StoryLine

Before you download Sufna movie I would love to tell you about the movie. The movie has Ammy Virk and Tania as a lead role. The movie was released in India on 14th Feb 2020. The movie is directed by the well-known director Jagdeep Sindhu. It is Produced by Navneet Virk and Gurdeep Singh. So let’s know something about the storyline before you proceed to sufna punjabi movie download.

The story is about a young man Jeet (Ammy Virk)  who falls in love with a girl name Teg (Tania). Tania’s mother who was Muslim passed away when she was young and his father who was Punjabi and in the army has been missing since her childhood. But Tania believes that her father is alive and will be back any time. On the other side, Jeet is a happy-go-lucky man whose father had committed suicide because of the debts he could not repay. 

Both meets are a cotton farm where Teg comes to pick cotton from her village. They fall in love and dream of spending their life together. Teg motivates Jeet to study further so that he can become something in his life as they depart this year. When Teg returns back after 13 months to pick cotton again he comes to know that Jeet is gone for his higher studies. She is very happy for him and he comes to meet her. Now here comes the twists and turns Teg’s aunt has arranged her marriage with someone else. 

What will happen next? You need to watch Sufna full movie to know what happens next. Will Jeet be able to convince everyone and marry Teg or will Teg marry someone else and they will sacrifice their love. I am sure you will enjoy watching this love story that has everything in it.

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Let’s proceed to sufna movie download free after having a glance at the cast of the movie

Sufna Movie Cast and Details

Before you download the Sufna movie download HD print here is the Main Cast, Director, and other details of the Sufna movie are mentioned hereunder.

Language: Punjabi

Release Date: 14th Feb 2020

Length: 2 hours 24 minutes


  • Ammy Virk – Jagjeet aka Jeet
  • Tania – Teg
  • Jagjeet Sandhu – Tarsem

Music By: B Praak

Director: Jagdeep Sindhu

Production By: Panj Paani Films

Sufna Movie Review

Here is a short review of sufna movie download HD

The movie at first look seems like a normal love story but it is not. As the movie moves on you will see that it has something different in it. Yes, it is a love story but here you will see the respect and care they have for each other. Also, the sacrifice that they are ready to do for each other is great.

The onscreen chemistry between Ammy And Tania is great. The director has done a great job whereas the music is a hit with all the awesome songs. The movie is good to see as it has something unique in it. You must watch this movie that has something different to show you

Sufna Movie Stream Sites

Below I have mentions the Websites and App where you can stream online and watch the Sufna Movie.

Sufna Movie Trailer


Where can I watch Sufna movie?

You can watch Sufna Movie via online streaming on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Binged, IMDB,, and many other streaming websites

Who is the actress in the Sufna Punjabi movie?

The actress in the Sufna Punjabi Movie is Tania. She made her debut in a lead role in this movie. She also has won Best Supporting Actress for the movie Qismat.

How long is Sufna movie?

The Sufna Movie is 144 minutes long that is 2 hours 24 minutes.

When was Sufna movie released?

Sufna MOvie was released in the year 2020 on 14th Feb


Above I have mentioned all details about Sufna Movie. I have mentioned the links from where you can download Sufna movie in HD for free. Also if you wish to stream the movie the I have mentioned those sites too. You can download the movie in any format I have mentioned below. I know that the movie is very good and you will enjoy the movie and not regret the decision of Sufna movie download


Downloading movies online is not legal and we do not support any type of piracy. It is not advisable to download a movie online unless from an official website. You can view movies from legal sources like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HotStar, and others.

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